Travel to the north of the central coast. The cities of Zapallar, Cachagua, Papudo, Maitencillo, Horcón, and Quintero in Chile

In the north of the central coast, there are some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country, where only the people with the most money in Chile choose to spend their vacation days.

Exclusive resorts, large mansions, extensive beaches, and countless hidden places are what you can find in these wonderful destinations.

All this makes it a little more expensive than the rest of the country.

Best Time to travel north of the Central Coast. The weather is pleasant all year round but a little cold in winter. The average in Summer (December to March) is 20 ° C, and the average in winter 12 ° C (June to September).

Days to visit the north of the Central Coast. They are areas that stand out for their tranquility and the possibility of living a stress-free life. This is why it does not take many days to visit them, but it is necessary to enjoy them as they should. With 3 or 4 days you should be able to visit all these cities, but you will need at least a week to perceive the energy of each place and discover all its hidden places.

From the Airport to the north of the Central Coast. There is no airport that is recommended in the area. The cheapest way to get to any of these towns from the Santiago airport would be to take the “Airport” bus that goes from the airport to the center of Santiago. Ask the driver to notify you when you arrive at the Alameda terminal, and from there, take a bus to the destination you prefer.

What to do or what to visit in the North of the Central Coast?

  • The small town of Papudo. A town with an extensive beach perfect for walking, there is a wetland in the Cruz de Piedra estuary.
  • El Boldo Zapallar Park. It has two trails, one of 1.5 hours and the other of around 3 hours. Good viewpoints, low difficulty, and lots of native vegetation.
  • Cachagua Island Natural Monument. A nature sanctuary, because they inhabit Humboldt and Magellanic penguins. You cannot disembark there, so the only way to observe what is happening there is on a boat ride.
  • Clearwater park. A park with many trails for walking or cycling, with beautiful views and the possibility of connecting with nature.
  • Zapallar lagoon. A nice place to spend a day and relax with the family.
  • Maitencillo Beach. A great beach to enjoy with the family.
  • Aguas Blancas beach. A large beach, perfect to get in touch with nature, to relax, and of course, to enjoy.
  • Luna Beach. A beach that is famous for being a nudist beach since the 1960s. It is recognized as a national nudist beach. There is a pirate cave here too.
  • Horcón beach. A small beach to spend the day. It has good gastronomic options and many craft stores. It is worth walking the trails that lead to the Bridge of Desires and Cau Cau beach.
  • Cau Cau beach. A beautiful and quiet beach, with somewhat complicated access but that worth overcoming.
  • The path from Playa durazno (Peach) to the beach of lovers in Quintero. A beautiful path in the middle of hills and sea. Perfect to get carried away by the sound of the sea and the breeze that runs there. To finish, the beautiful beach of lovers. A little treasured treasure of nature.
  • Puntilla Sanfuentes in Quintero. A place that encloses a castle. Special to watch the sea, and walk among the rocks.
  • Ritoque. A gigantic beach that ends in Concón. There are dunes behind the beach.

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