Traveling will always be for everyone, and although it seems more difficult to embark on an adventure like a long trip, today’s times allow you to travel at any age.


While we were working in exchange for accommodation in Denmark, we met an Argentine woman, who lived in Brazil, who was motivated by her daughter, who went to live with a Danish in Denmark, left everything thrown away and went to travel the world, volunteering in volunteering, just with the goal of being closer to her daughter. Today, several years later, she continues traveling, continues volunteering, and continues enjoying these adventures, which proves that it is only a matter of attitude to travel, and continue doing so over time.

Find your type of trip

One of my aunts, also a travel lover, after retiring started to travel whenever she could. Trips with few resources, sometimes in difficult places, with long bus routes on buses, it didn’t matter. Wherever she went, if there was a possibility to travel, she took advantage of it, traveling was what mattered to her, independent of how.

Even so, if you think that you are no longer in age to do something like this, there are many possibilities for older people, in which you can meet new friends, as well as live the benefits of traveling. Depending on the country, you can even find old people trips at quite affordable prices. There are always the most comfortable options such as All Inclusives, or Cruises, where although you do not have a deep experience related to the culture of the place, they make you get out of the daily routine and give yourself spaces to find yourself or just enjoy life.

You just have to understand your personal motivations and what is expected of the trip you are planning to do.

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