que llevar en la maleta

What to carry in your suitcase or backpack for your trip?

Knowing what we should carry in the suitcase is one of the most difficult questions to answer, but it’s a common question when people are about to start a trip and it is important to analyze because it has to carry all the stuff you need during your trip.

que llevar en la maleta

You Need to Know Where you are Going!

It is important to recognize the type of trip to be made, in terms of duration, weather, and general needs. On the other hand, it is important to take into account the baggage limitations of the flights that will be taken. In the case of choosing low-cost flights, it will be better if you only carry enough weight for hand luggage, so that you save as much as possible. If this is the option, it is important to consider wearing few clothes and washing them every day, so that weight and space can be saved.

Traveling with a Suitcase or backpack?

Suitcase: If the suitcase has wheels, it will be more comfortable in most cases, but you have to consider the destination. If you are going to take taxis, it does not influence much. Otherwise, if you know that you are going to walk or climb stairs, or that there are many dirt roads, the wheels will not be very useful and a backpack will be better. If this is your option, you should look for a suitable for your height and weight, and be aware that you will be with weight on your back, so avoid carrying excess things.

A list of things to consider:

1) Underwear:

Depending on the trip, it is the most important item, since it is the underwear you don’t reuse it and that uses less space and weight, so that a large number of garments can be carried, without generating a big problem and that will prevent us from having to Do washing so often.

2) Pants, shorts:

Depending on the destination climate, wear one or two garments at most. It may seem tempting, but they use a lot of space and weight.

3) T-shirts:

Another essential item. It is important to carry enough, but not in excess. 5 is probably the equilibrium number. Although if you go for 10 days, you have no problems with space or weight, and you will have nowhere to wash, take whatever is necessary.

4) Sweatshirts and jackets:

If you go to a tropical climate for example, at most, wear a jacket or slim sweat shirt.

But if the case is that the weather is very cold (snow), it is probably more convenient to buy after you arrive, since what is available in your country is not enough for the weather, and there will be cheaper options at the destination at that goes away

5) Shoes:

Unless strictly necessary, it is better to take as few as possible with you, but consider trekking shoes if it will be an activity, shower sandals if you are not sure about how clear is the toilet for example, and water shoes if you will be in rivers or Beaches with lots of stones.

6) Toiletries:

Try to carry as little as possible. It occupies a lot of space, and if it is not for daily use, it is advisable to refrain from carrying it.

7) First aid kit:

Although it is advisable to carry some remedies and other things can always be obtained in places, so it is advisable to only carry what is strictly necessary, something for the cold or headache at most.

Women’s Tips: Birth control pills for travel time (or as much as possible), hygienic towels as they can change the characteristics of the place. (Nor exaggerate in worry)

8) Towel:

Although depending on the destination and the travel conditions it is likely that the place where you stay can provide towels, in case they move in hostels or lower-level accommodation, it is convenient to buy a microfiber towel, as they dry faster, they are antibacterial, and they use less space.

9) Sunscreen and Repellents:

Although sunscreens and sun blockers should be something of daily use, taking them is fine, repellents are often not necessary or it is better to buy them in the same place since insects change from place to place.

10) Formal wear:

Although in most cases you will not need this item, if you are going to take a cruise, for example, you like or you will go to expensive restaurants, you will need to wear more formal clothes (they are never essential anyway). A shirt, dress, could be important to consider. In case your trip is long and you don’t know if you will use it, I would recommend that you do not take it since it will only be extra weight and space and you probably won’t use it.

In general terms, unless you are sure that you will use the things you are carrying, avoid carrying extra weight. If you start to include things in your suitcase “IN CASE OF …”, you will end up filling your suitcase with things that you don’t need, and that over time will bother you.

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