Bled Slovenia

Traveling to the City of Bled in Slovenia

A small town that is hidden among the mountains, but that is without a doubt very unique. With a lake in the middle that can be walked around in a few hours, this place enchants for how cozy it is.

With dazzling nature, its famous cakes, and relaxation is how Bled will make you fall in love. One of our favorite places in all of Europe.

Best Time to travel to the City of Bled. If you do not like snow and cold, we would probably recommend you to avoid the months of December to March and to prefer from May to September, where the temperature becomes more pleasant and warmer.

How many days to visit the city of Bled. Two days should be enough to explore it, but it is one of those places where it is worth spending more days just experiencing the place and relaxing.

Airport in the city of Bled. There is no airport in this city, so to get into bled you must do it from the city of Ljubljana. The trip shouldn’t take more than an hour.

What to do and what to visit in the city of Bled?

  • Enjoy Lake Bled. Undoubtedly something you must do when coming to this city is to walk around the lake. Along its shoreline, you will find various manifestations of the lake, and with it various views of the church on the island that is in the middle of the lake. An invitation to enjoy the moment, walking, stoping many times around, and letting yourself be carried away by the surrounding landscape.
  • Ring the bell of the Church of the Assumption, which is in the middle of the island on Lake Bled. Many things are said … that whoever rings the bell will be lucky for life, that whoever is able to carry their partner up the almost 100 steps before reaching the church will have a happy relationship forever, but what It is true that being there is something special. There are several boat options for just over 10 euros to cross to the island.
  • The Bled Castle. As if that were not enough, there is a castle that seems to come out of fairy tales. It is at the top of the city, and if you do not have a car it will be a bit of a steep climb, but worth it anyway.
  • Try the famous Bled cream cake, along with a coffee or a hot chocolate in one of the restaurants or cafes around the lake. Although the cake is delicious by itself, the experience along with the view of the lake becomes something magical and unforgettable.
  • Vintgar’s Gorge. A place a few km away from Bled that is worth visiting. A walking tour of the Rodovna river and the canyon it forms. Its crystal clear waters and the landscapes in this place are somewhat impressive. Although it is something like 2 km walking, we invite you to do it slowly, enjoying the scenery. Listening to the river and admiring the colors around.
  • Bohinj Lake. A lake about 15 km away from Bled, which turns out to be the largest lake in Slovenia. Impressive landscapes can also be seen here.

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