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Vietnam Tourism

Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the favorite Southeast Asian countries of most of the travelers, as it is one of the destinations with more variety in terms of tourism. In the north, you find stunning scenery where the sea and the rocks give intense pleasure to the eye, and if you are on your way south you will find landscapes between the rivers that will take your breath away, coffee plantations, among many other things.

In the south, there is a lot of information about the war between Vietnam and the US. A fact that deeply marked the history of both countries, but that in Vietnam one can understand what this war was for them, which may surprise many. Here it’s not the Vietnam War, it’s the American War.

It is undoubtedly one of the most complete countries in terms of tourist satisfaction, with a transport system that allows you to have great ease of movement between cities.

Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Capital of Vietnam: Hanoi.

Internet connection in Vietnam: the Internet connection is quite good. Available in most cities.

Security in Vietnam: A safe country, although it is obviously recommended to take the usual precautions.

Drinking-Water in Vietnam: It is necessary to drink bottled water.

Entry requirements for Vietnam: Depending on the country, you may not need a visa (Chile, Spain and Italy plus some other European countries), they can process an e-visa (Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Cuba), or process the Visa at an embassy beforehand (rest of Latin America). The price is between USD 40 and USD 60. It is recommended to take passport-size photos with you.

Currency: Vietnam Dong.

Language in Vietnam: Vietnamese

Best season to travel to Vietnam: November to May. There is less rain and more pleasant temperatures.

Typical food in Vietnam: The Pho or noodle soups.

Travel among the cities: It is one of the strengths of this country, since being long and narrow, it makes it very easy to move between cities. One can buy the set of tickets in advance, or go shopping one by one (We found it better to buy them separately and go haggling at each office, but we did it in the offseason).

There are sleeping buses for night trips which allows you to move without so much suffering and at the same time save a night while traveling. There is also a train that runs through the main cities of the country. Also widely recommended.

If you have little time, we recommend you to look for low-cost flights, since the service is quite good, and you will save a lot of travel time.

Recommended cities: Hanoi, Cat Ba Island (Halong Bay), Sapa, Nha Trang, Da Nang (A bit more expensive in terms of attractions, but unique), Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Da Lat, Ninh Binh, Mui Ne.

The Best Cities of Vietnam

If you want to know more about the best amazing places in Vietnam, click and enter the city you prefer.

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