Travel to the city of Venice in Italy

Without a doubt, one of the most particular and romantic cities in the world. A city made up of 120 islands linked by bridges and which attracts millions of tourists every year.

An invitation to get lost in its streets, although it is almost inevitable. To admire the greatness of every aspect of the city. To imagine a life in these conditions, and to let yourself be carried away by the art, the marble buildings, and the magic present in the place.

Due to the high price of accommodation in this area, it is perhaps advisable to stay in nearby cities like Mestre.

Best Time to travel to Venice. If you don’t like the cold, April to September is when you can find the best weather. The months of June and July is high season, so if you want to avoid many people around and higher prices, avoid high seasons.

How many Days to visit the city of Venice. Probably a day is enough to visit it, but at least you need two or three to really feel the place.

Airport to the city of Venice. From the main one, the Marco Polo International Airport you can get to Venice with the ATVO buses. With the buses No. 5 or with the express line, which has no stops. There are also taxis for around 33 euros and water transport for over 100 euros.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Venice?

  • Piazza San Marcos. The most important square in all of Venice. Here is the Cathedral of San Marcos. One of the most important tourist spots in Venice.
  • St Mark’s Basilica. The main religious center of the city. A Catholic temple. One for the mandatory places you have to visit in this city.
  • Ducal Palace of Venice. Also very close to Plaza San Marcos, looking out to sea. A gothic building, a symbol of the city.
  • Rialto bridge. One of the most famous bridges in Venice. It is also the oldest one.
  • Bridge of sighs. Probably the most important bridge in all of Venice. It has this name because It was the last place in which prisoners with the death penalty saw the light of day before being executed. It is located very close to Plaza San Marcos.
  • Burano. One of the islands in the Venice lagoon. Stands out for its colorful houses. In this place the inclined bell tower stands out.
  • Murano. Another island in the Venice lagoon, famous for its glass crafts. Its Renaissance houses and the white lighthouse stand out.

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