Travel to the city of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, in Chile

One of the most visited tourist sectors by Santiaguinos due to the proximity of the capital, the incredible nightlife, its beaches, and its clean air.

The city of Viña del Mar stands out as a large and developed city, internationally known for the festival that bears its name. On the other hand is Valparaíso, which stands out for its picturesque hills and all the cultural heritage within them, the nightlife, and for being the most important port city in the country.

Next to these, you can visit Reñaca and Con-con, which are both small cities with excellent beaches and a good atmosphere.

Best Time to travel to the V Region, Viña del Mar, and Valparaíso. The weather is pleasant all year round but a little cold in winter. The average in Summer (December to March) is 19 ° C, and the average in winter 12 ° C (June to September).

How Many Days to visit the V Region, Viña del Mar, and Valparaíso. The Fifth region is a very wide area that contains many small cities or sectors to visit. Just to visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, three days should be enough, but if you plan to visit Quintero and Managua or the Horcón area and Zapallar or the coast of poets, you will need at least one additional day for each area.

Airport in the V Region, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. There is no airport that is recommended in the area. Santiago International Airport is only about 85 km away from Viña del Mar or Valparaíso. Although you can contact agencies with tours to this sector from the airport itself, the cheapest way to get to Viña del Mar or Valparaíso from the airport would be to take the “Airport” bus that goes from the airport to the center of Santiago. Ask the driver to notify you when you arrive at the Alameda terminal, which is the one that leads to Viña or Valparaíso. From there, take a bus to the destination of your choice.

Among the cities in this area, it is very easy to get around by public transport buses.

What to do or what to visit in the cities of Viña del Mar and Valparaíso?

Being two cities that by themselves encompass countless things to visit, I will divide them into two.

What to do in Valparaíso?

  • Sotomayor Square. One of the most important points in Valparaíso. Important monuments can be seen such as the monument to the heroes of Iquique, where the remains of the national hero Arturo Prat and the building of the Chilean Navy lie.
  • La Sebastiana. One of the houses of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda. Converted into a museum, the house stands out for its beauty and for the views of the port that can be appreciated from here. A clear place of inspiration for the Poet.
  • Open Sky Museum of Valparaíso. An initiative of the Chilean government, that through murals on the slopes of the Bellavista hill several important artists of the world, show their art.
  • Tour the hills of Valparaíso. One of the things that make Valparaíso a unique city is precisely its hills, which have been popularly adopting names. There are 42 in total, but the most visited are Cerro Barón, Cerro Alegre, Cerro Concepción and Cerro Bellavista.
  • Elevators or Funiculars. They are famous in Valparaíso, and they are one of the things that you will probably need or want to do in this city to climb a hill. One of the best elevators in the city is the Reina Victoria elevator, in Cerro Alegre.
  • May 21 ride. A natural viewpoint in the artillery hill. A spectacular view of the bay of Valparaíso.
  • Prat dock. A jetty located in the port of Valparaíso. Here you will find different types of tours offered to go around the bay. A few steps away from the Sotomayor square. (Located in Metro Estacion Puerto)

What to do in Viña del Mar?

  • Quinta Vergara (Fifth vergara). A park in the city of Viña del Mar, famous because inside it is the amphitheater where the famous Viña del Mar festival takes place.
  • Flower clock. A beautiful garden clock at the foot of Cerro Castillo. An absolute icon of the garden city as Viña del Mar is known.
  • Wulff Castle. Another of the icons of the city. It has great beautiful views from the vicinity, although it does not convince from the inside.
  • Botanical Garden. A place to get in touch with nature. Inside, in addition to having huge native trees, there is a small lagoon with ducks. You can also canopy, and it has a barbecue area, a cave, among other surprises.
  • Rioja Palace Decorative Arts Museum. For those who are interested in their culture and evolution. To find out about how the country’s ancient aristocrats lived.
  • Vergara Pier. Probably the most famous sector of the Viña del Mar beach. A special place to look at the Viña beach and even Valparaíso from another perspective.
  • Sausalito Lagoon. An artificial lagoon, to relax and disconnect from everything else. It can be explored in pedal boats and kayaks. You can see birds in the area.
  • Gambling. If you are someone who likes to bet or spin the machines, the “enjoy casino” is the ideal place for you.

Other areas to visit near Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

  • Reñaca. One of the most exclusive sectors in Chile. Stands out for its beautiful beach, which attracts thousands of tourists and surfers every year. It also has a great nightlife in addition to the varied gastronomic options available at all times. It stands out for its safety. Cochoa beach is also very close, which is even more exclusive. With some restaurants and a small but very nice beach.
  • Concon. Another of the small towns in the sector, which stands out for its pleasant beaches and its impressive dunes that look out to sea. Within the beaches, the “yellow beach” stands out. Also, if you are here, visit the Oceanic Rock. A nice place to enjoy the views of the rocks and the sea. Also to take some photos, and to let yourself go. You can also visit the higuerillas cove, and eat an empanada looking at the cove.
  • Mantagua wetland. A beautiful wetland, perfect for bird watching. Among the species that you can see are the taguas, queltehues, loicas, Chilean plovers, Chilean swallows, buds, thin-billed frog ducks, among many others.
  • Gómez Carreño Natural Park. A perfect place for a family walk or just to walk in nature. It is not a park officially, so you are asked to be especially careful with your trash. There are many species in danger of extinction.
  • Close to Valparaíso, there are three nearby sectors that are worth visiting. One is the green lagoon, which contains an incredible beach and atmosphere, and the other is Quintay, which it used to be a sector of whaling companies (today a museum), but which today is a gastronomic center that attracts many tourists. The last one is Tunquén, which stands out as an incredible destination for bird watching, enjoying the beach, and even visiting the quartz mine. Very cheap.
  • Another area close to this one, although it can only be visited by car, is the central Poets coastal area. An area that brings together different environments. Algarrobo is a larger and more exclusive city, while its neighbors Mirasol, Quisco, Las cruces or El Canelo are lower profile cities. At the end of the coast, San Antonio, the port of Chile that connects the most containers.
  • The northern part of the V region, that is, Zapallar, Papudo, Horcón, Quintero, Maitencillo, are sectors that also attract with their gastronomic offer, tranquility and, of course, its beautiful beaches.

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