Traveling to the smallest country in South America, Uruguay

The Switzerland of South America, as described by Pepe Mujica in his documentary. A slow-paced but welcoming country that will make you feel like your second home. Its people are the best, cultured and attentive, which makes them some excellent hosts.


Capital of Uruguay: Montevideo

Internet connection in Uruguay: Good internet signal in the main cities. As you walk away, accessibility is limited, but still available

Security in Uruguay: It’s a very safe country but we recommend you to have minimal precautions.

Potable Water in Uruguay: The quality of the tap water is not very good. It is recommended to drink bottled water throughout the country.

Entry requirements for Uruguay: European countries do not need a visa, only a passport is enough, but to make sure that your country don’t need a special visa, check the list here

The official currency of Uruguay: Uruguayan Peso

The official language of Uruguay: Spanish.

Best time to travel to Uruguay: From September to April is where there is the best climate to travel to this area and where the sea has the highest temperature.

Typical food of Uruguay: Uruguayan gastronomy is quite similar to Argentina’s since it stands out for its meats. El chivito is one of its most typical dishes in this country, consisting of a beef sandwich.

Moving between cities: In general, it is quite easy to move to the interior of Uruguay, since they have a good bus system between cities.

Recommended cities to travel in Uruguay: Montevideo, Ciudad del Este, Colonia de Sacramento, La Costa de Rocha, Piriápolis.

Best cities to travel in Uruguay

If you want to know more about the best cities in Uruguay to visit and enjoy, click and enter the one you prefer.

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