working holiday visa

Having a working visa is a very good option to travel and at the same time to learn more about customs and ways of living in other parts of the world.

Unfortunately, the options change from country to country, and the possibilities of being able to have an experience like this are limited to the existing relations among your country with the rest of the world.

Within the existing Working Holidays, we will divide them in three types:

Best Work and Travel Visas:

Working Holiday Visa Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA – Easy Level.

Regardless of the existing roles and processes to get any of these visas, when arriving at the country of your visa, you will realize that some of them are used to the idea of ​​a foreigner working in different jobs, so in some way, the path is made for the following Travellers compared to other countries where it is much more difficult.

Because of this, the general experience is quite easy, and you can surely get what you expect if you try hard enough.

Working Holiday Visas – Medium Level.

In our second category, we have the Working holidays experiences in Portugal, France, Spain, and Germany. They are countries in which it is very possible to have an incredible experience even though the language is not handled well or they are not with so much experience with the work and holiday format.

We have met people who have experienced the working holidays in these countries and have had incredible experiences, although in some cases the language has been a barrier. Still, it is a good opportunity to get another skill like a new language too.

If you are going to do a working holiday Visa in a country where you do not know the language, start with a course on day one of your arrival. You will learn more about the language and customs of the country, and also increase your networks and friends, so getting a job will be easier.

Work and Holiday Visas – Difficult Level

Working Holiday Visa in Japan, Denmark, Norway, Ireland.

They are very new countries in this format, and in some cases, it can be very difficult to enjoy the experience fully.

The languages can be a problem even though they are countries with a good English standard among the people. In some cases, they are visas that have limitations in terms of how allowed you are to work in terms of hours or contracts. Sometimes it is difficult to get adequate accommodation among other problems.

In our experience, we only did the one in Denmark, which has the limitation of allowing only 3 months to work with the same employer and the accommodations are difficult to find, where the majority also require a minimum of 6 months of leasing, which, due to at the high cost of living, it is very difficult to save or one must assume a very high risk. But if you just want to have the experience without expecting to save some money, it’s a really good way of traveling around northern Europe.

In Japan, although we did not do a working holiday, we can say that the language plus the different culture can be a little uncomfortable for some travelers, at least initially. But like everything, nothing is impossible. If it’s your dream, Just go for it!


Once again we remember that each experience is different for everybody and that our knowledge and advice are limited to our experience, which is why we hope it will only serve as a guide and not as a truth.

Your working holiday experience could be easy or difficult in any country, it just depends on the luck and attitude of the traveler, so live your own experience, and then tell us!

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