Turismo de compras

If there is nothing that makes you happier than being in a giant mall with thousands of stores to visit and buy. If walking full of bags like the characters of Sex and the city, this list is for you. The best destinations to practice the art of shopping.

  • Luxury stores: Miami and New York in the US, Dubai in the UAE, Sydney in Australia, Tokyo in Japan, Milan in Italy, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Paris in France.
  • Tax-Free: Panama City, Bahamas, Singapore, Seoul in South Korea, Morocco, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland.
  • To Buy cheap: Miami, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, India.
  • Original stuff: India, Vietnam, Indonesia, China.
  • Technology: Singapore, Japan, Panama.
  • Jewels: Arab countries in general including Dubai, India, Morocco, Switzerland (watches), Jerusalem in Israel.

With this list, you already have everything you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Nothing better than getting out of the routine, conquering new horizons and filling yourself with new shopping experiences.

Safe trip everyone!

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