Why travel to Southeast Asia? Here, 7 reasons!

Sudeste Asiático

Southeast Asia seems to be the ideal tourist destination for backpackers, families, older travelers, loners, with friends or alone. It is a destination open to anyone from anywhere in the world…

First – Southeast Asia is an Economic destination

This is very true for most western countries. An inexpensive destination, making it easily accessible and enjoyable with little money. You will have access to paradisiacal beaches, adventures of all kinds such as the possibility of tour the city riding a motorcycle, and a lot of food at a price that is difficult to find in other destinations. The ticket is likely to be quite expensive, but being there, it becomes much cheaper.

Second – Southeast Asia is a Safe Place

It is really a very safe place for anyone traveling here. Whether you are on your own or with a company, it is a very safe place. Culture allows people not to be conflictive, they don’t want to argue or have any kind of problems. Buddhism also makes society cooperative, so there are very few assaults and fewer kidnappings and things like that happens in some places in America or Africa.

Third – Southeast Asia has a very good climate

Southeast Asia have a good climate practically all year round, which means that people can travel here at any time. The climate is divided into two types, one dry with slightly lower temperatures and the other rainy with higher temperatures. Depending on the country and city you are in, it changes a little in the months in which it happens, but in general terms, you can enjoy the trip at any time of the year. Regardless of the time you go, you can enjoy the beaches, rivers, parties, and everything else.

Fourth – Southeast Asia is the Perfect Place to Learn Something New.

It is a destination with a lot of things to learn and do. You can take cooking classes, Thai massage classes, you can become a yoga instructor, a meditation teacher, become a diving master, a volunteer with elephants, learn martial arts, or simply meet yourself. It is also a destination always full of backpackers open to meet other people, so if you go alone, you will always have company.

Fifth – Southeast Asia contains the best beaches in the world.

In Southeast Asia you can find beaches so spectacular that they are considered the best in the world, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers, for those who want to spend a few days resting or live a romantic vacation.

Sixth – Southeast Asia has one of the best gastronomic offerings in the world

Southeast Asia is a place in the world where you can find one of the best Gastronomies in the world. There are many options for sea lovers like in Vietnam, the classic rice noodle soups, pad Thai, fried rice, and many other things. Options for vegetarians in tourist places, since in general it is an area where people eat a lot of meat.

Seventh – Southeast Asia is a country very connected with the spiritual

Southeast Asia is a largely Buddhist country, but with many Muslim, Catholic and Hindu influences, making it easy to find options for visiting temples or dabbling in advancing on the chosen spiritual path. Buddhist retreats in the mountains, for all levels and desires. A unique opportunity.

In conclusion, it is a destination that can satisfy all tastes, and although it may be somewhat complicated to arrive from America, it will surely be worth the effort. And in case you are doing a working holiday Visa in Australia, or New Zealand, it is the ideal destination, where you do not have to spend all the money saved, and you can enjoy a well-deserved long vacation after the hard work.

Other Southeast Asian Locations

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