Buzios Brasil

Traveling to the city of Buzios, in Brazil

Until the 1960s, Buzios was only a fishing town. After the famous actress Brigitte Bardot discovered this “paradise”, it became a tourist destination loved by its nice beaches, long walks, and crystal clear waters. You can also enjoy warm weather all year round.

Buzios Brasil

Best Time to travel to Buzios. The best season to travel to Buzios is from June to August, since it rains less and the weather is not too hot.

How many days to visit the city of Buzios. With 2 or 3 days you can visit most of the beaches and the main places in this city. You can visit it in its typical buggies, public minivans, and beautiful promenades. But if you want to visit it more calmly, it is more advisable to go for a week.

The airport in the city of Buzios. The closest airport to Buzios is Galeao International Airport, located in downtown Rio de Janeiro. It is located 176km from Buzios. It can be reached by bus from the Rodoviaria Novo Río station, with contracted transfers, uber or taxi.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Buzios?

  • Rua das Pedras. The main street in Buzios, with a picturesque design. Here you can find many shops of various kinds, artistic expressions, various restaurants, and bars. In this street, you can also enjoy an active nightlife, live shows, and parties until dawn in its traditional discos.
  • Orla Bardot coastal walk. In this city, you can also enjoy a beautiful walk on the edge of the beach. This walk is specifically from Do Canto beach to Armação beach. It is a nice walk, where you can also find one of the symbols of the city, as it is, the statue of Brigitte Bardot.
  • Boardwalks. From most of the various beaches that you can enjoy in Buzios, you can also take a boat ride, with which you can transfer to beaches in the same city or to paradisiacal nearby islands, such as Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frío.
  • Buggy rides. A typical thing to do in this city is to rent a Buggy. You can rent it for a number of hours or days at a reasonable price and with it, you can tour the city in a slightly more entertaining and adventurous way.
  • 23 beaches. The most attractive thing about Buzios is undoubtedly being able to enjoy the most diverse and varied beaches that this small town offers. Here, you can enjoy different water sports, dive and snorkel through the most beautiful marine animals, as well as relaxing with a caipirinha while listening to the constant sound from sea.
    • Among the most popular beaches are Geribá (longest beach), Tartaruga, Joao Fernandez, and Ferradura.
    • If your interest is diving and seeing turtles and more marine life, the recommended beaches are Joao Fernandinho, Azeda, Azedinha, and Forno.
    • If you prefer beaches for water sports, the ones indicated are Geribá, Brava, and Tucuns, which have bigger waves.

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