San Juan del Sur

Traveling to San Juan del Sur, in Nicaragua

The perfect destination for lovers of the beach, waves, and sunsets. A place to relax, to enjoy the sea, and to flow to the calm rhythm of this place. An invitation to disconnect from everything else, and just enjoy. There are beaches for all tastes, so find the one you like best.

San Juan del Sur

Best Time to travel to San Juan del Sur. In general, the weather is pleasant all year round, but if you want to avoid the rain, you should travel between November and May.

How many days to visit San Juan del Sur. San Juan del Sur is a place to enjoy calmly, hopefully in several days. But if you want to know all its beaches, and the main attractions in the area, 3 days is probably enough.

The airport in San Juan del Sur. The one in Managua is just over 100 km away. There are several buses that connect the airport to the city from the bus terminal, from there you can easily reach San Juan del Sur.

What to do or what to visit in San Juan del Sur?

  • Travel and discover the beautiful beaches of San Juan del Sur. This destination stands out for the long strip of coastline it has, which is why you can find various beaches depending on what you are looking for.
    • San Juan del Sur beach. The town beach is amazing. Full of restaurants and bars to enjoy. Sunsets are always a good way to end the day perfectly.
    • Maderas Beach. It’s generally quite empty. It’s very nice for those who like to surf. There are a few restaurants on-site, though not highly recommended. There is nothing nearby to buy other things.
    • Beautiful beach. As its name says, a beautiful beach that has certain facilities such as bathrooms, wifi, tables, and hammocks. The restaurant of this place stands out for being good, although a little expensive. A small entrance fee must be paid.
    • Marseille beach. Probably one of the most beautiful beaches in San Juan del Sur. The waves are not very big which makes it special to swim and enjoy calmly in the water. You can see very good sunsets. Also somewhat isolated from the city.
    • El Yanke Beach. Another beautiful beach, although a little further away, so it will be a little more expensive to get here. But it is a good beach, and very little frequented.
    • Other less visited beaches but also worth knowing: Ocotal Beach, Peña rota, Nacascolo Beach, and San Lorenzo Beach.
  • Christ of Mercy. A Metallic structure of Christ, which is located on top of San Juan del Sur. Getting here offers unique views of the bay and the town. A small fee is charged but we assure you incredible photos.
  • Canopy. Another of the activities you can do in this place is zip lining. Hanging high in the middle of nature is something that scares many, but worth trying.
  • La Flor Nature Reserve. A beautiful nature reserve, with several beautiful beaches where the possibility of seeing turtles in the nesting process stands out.

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