revolucion de viajeros

Travelers Revolution around the World

We are in the best moment in history to travel the world. For the first time, this is possible, the dream that many had in ancient times to go around the world is something that can really be achieved in these times. Why are there so few people traveling if it’s so easy?

Have you ever thought about how much a lucky person travels? Imagine traveling two weeks a year, like most of the people who have a very good economic situation. Those are 14 days a year. Imagine doing this for 50 years. During 50 years you were so lucky that you were able to do something only few can, being able to travel 14 days a year. In total, that is 700 days. In 50 years, you traveled 700 days. That’s not even two years of your life! In my case, I have worked for 2 years, and I have traveled for about 4 years.

How is this possible? Because I use money intelligently.

We all sleep, eat and go to the toilet equally if some can do it in a 5-star hotel and others in a hole, that’s something else, but we all do the same. The beaches and landscapes are all the same for everyone, no matter if you stay in a 5-star hotel, or if you sleep in a tent. Which is better of both? I don’t really know.

We have a wrong idea of ​​what it is to travel, travel doesn’t have to be a reward. It’s not something that when you do it you will be happy. When you see traveling like this, you try to do everything possible to prevent something make that ephemeral moment of happiness, be ruined. And of course, if you worked a full year, and you only have two weeks to enjoy, why are you going to camp, it makes sense to go to a hotel that includes drinks and food. But does it have to be that way? That concept of happiness is finally, real? Because my experience is that traveling does not make you necessarily happier. You live an intense experiences that cover many of the deficiencies that you normally have in your normal life, such as resting, loving your partner, eating and drinking a lot and of course, being free, but If you are a person with a tendency to get angry, you will get angry wherever you are, if you normally live a life in which you create your own problems, they will also appear on your vacations. The place does not change who you are just like that. The important thing is to have the ability to observe the change in order to understand first, and then, to make decisions that will take you where you want to go. And that doesn’t necessarily is given by the trip.

It’s all about the experience of change. Some manage to observe when they are elder, in a routine life, some never get it. But traveling gives you a unique opportunity to live changes. All we know is that in the universe and in existence everything is change and that someday we will all die. Does it make sense to live a life full of problems, debts, and work?

It is necessary that we go faster in terms of maturity. We must be able to honor the change and flow into it as much as we can. You should travel so much that you are able to observe and interact with people enough times that you can break down old prejudices, generalization mental patterns and to be able to talk equally with another person, no matter the age, gender, country of origin, in other words, without the ignorance of ego. We have to learn how to really listen, how to really see. We must learn to live a life that makes us happy, makes us feel full and not a life satisfying the expectations of others. For that, it is necessary to know yourself very well. Discover what it is that you really want to do. To know what it is that fills you, that makes you feel grateful about life.

All this is something basic and necessary to live a life of happiness. It is important that we tear down the paradigms with which we grew up, and for that, we must question everything.

Good, and traveling not only helps you with that. As Amir Klink said, “knowing the cold to enjoy the heat. To feel the distance and the absence of shelter to be well under your own roof. A man must travel to places he doesn’t know to break the arrogance that makes us see the world as we imagine it, and not simply as it is or can be. What makes us teachers and doctors of what we have not seen, when we should be students, and simply go see. “

Travel, if you can’t now, think about it in a year or two, but do it. Make long trips, full of uncertainty. Get to know new places, talk to people who speak other languages, eat in the street, live even for one night in the way they do.

Traveling is not a matter of money. It is not only for young people, nor for singles or couples without children. We have met people traveling with budgets even lower than ours, sometimes without resources at all, living on what life or the trip gives them. We have seen as elderly people travel working in exchange for accommodation and food, and doing so during a trip of several years. We have seen couples traveling with their children, even with babies living in a tent on the shore of the Mayan Riviera for 6 months, living with the least, but with a look and a smile that you could not imagine. As some people said, traveling is just a matter of courage, and it has never been so easy.

What is stopping you from being there?

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