Traveling to the city of Quito, in Ecuador

The capital of Ecuador. A city that stands out for the possibility of visiting the zero point, that is, stepping on the equator line. A big city built high in the Andes, where ancient Incas settled. A very picturesque historical center, with beautiful cathedrals, including a golden church, and other important buildings of the city.

It has countless museums and places to shop, but what stands out in our opinion of this city is the area known as “La Mariscal”, a place full of bars and restaurants, ideal for enjoying an intense nightlife.

Best Time to travel to Quito in Ecuador. From June to October, the dry season occurs, so there is less chance of rain and more pleasant temperatures. But visiting this city can be done at any time of the year.

How Many Days to visit the city of Quito. Quito is a big city, and depending on your interests you can spend several days visiting its museums, cathedrals, and trying its gastronomy, but we consider that 3 days is more than enough to feel the magic of the place.

The airport in the city of Quito. The airport is just under 50 km away from the city center. The cheapest option is to take one of the local buses that for 2 USD can take you to a local bus station that allows you to connect with the city’s public transport. A taxi costs around 30 USD, but we recommend using applications such as uber to avoid the typical rate increases that occur at the airports.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Quito?

  • In the Middle of the world or Zero Point. A special place to take a walk on the Equator line. Although it’s known that with the precision of today’s instruments it is not exactly there, there are great facilities to visit in this place. It is a bit far away from the city.
  • San Francisco Church or Golden Church. One of the most emblematic churches in the city. It stands out for the golden metal used inside.
  • La Mariscal Street and La Ronda Street. Two places to enjoy the nightlife. Picturesque and colorful with a great gastronomic offer and bars. In La Mariscal, there is a nice craft market as well.
  • Virgin of the Panecillo Hill. At the top of the hill known as El Panecillo, is the well-known Virgin of Quito.
  • The Basilica. A great baroque-style basilica, where you can go up and have impressive views of the city.
  • Quito cable car. One of the highest cable cars in the world, to enjoy the views of the Pichincha volcano. It can also be done walking along its trails. It doesn’t have much difficulty.
  • National Museum of Ecuador. The perfect place to find out about the city’s recent and not-so-recent history.
  • Sun Temple Museum. A perfect place to learn about ancient Andean civilizations.
  • Cotopaxi National Park. A perfect national park to connect with nature. It requires a certain physical condition to climb it, the ascent should be done in less than two hours.

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