Visit the city of Nha Trang in Vietnam

This city deeply caught my attention. A highly developed city, with a gigantic beach and where people get together at 6 in the morning to do Tai Chi or simply swim in the sea. Undoubtedly a place that you have to know, Nha Trang stands out precisely because there are few places like this in Asia in general. A coastal edge full of 5 star hotels, malls and seafood restaurants.

It is a very tourist city so if you visit Nha Trang in times of the high season, it can be difficult to find accommodation because of the large number of tourists. Nha Trang is a very famous travel destination for Chinese and Russian people.

Weather in Nha Trang From October to December it’s the time of monsoons, which is a rainy season, so it is the only time when you should think more about it.

Days to visit the city of Nha Trang Probably one day is enough to understand how the place works, taste the seafood gastronomy and to enjoy the beach, but if you want to know the pagodas, to go scuba diving, and to visit the beaches outside the city, you will need more days.

The airport in the city at Nha Trang. The airport in the city of Dalat is the closest to Nha Trang, approximately 100 km away.

What to do or to visit in the city of Nha Trang.

  • Visit the Po Nagar pagodas and Long Son. They are the main temples of the city, and each one has a special vibe to feel.
  • Enjoy the beaches. Although you can enjoy the beach in any of the km of beach available in the city or you can go to visit the ones on the outside such as Doc Let and Bai Dai. Although they are somewhat far away, you will find fewer people, and they are quite nice.
  • Practice scuba diving. While the quality of the diving is not comparable to its neighboring Thailand or Indonesia, the Ho Mun protected area stands out as one of the best diving spots in all of Vietnam.

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