Travel to Mui Ne city in Vietnam

Mui Ne is a small coastal town that stands out for its different tourism, where the dunes of different colors are the main attraction. A pretty nice beach, where luxury hotels are becoming more common on most of the shore. The fishermen’s village shyly attracts tourists who visit the place daily.

A true paradise for lovers of seafood, where you can taste whatever you want, with very fresh products. It also stands out for the possibility of riding a buggy through the dunes, and at a much lower price than it would cost in other countries. There is more than one company that offers the service, almost next to each other, so if you ride on a motorcycle, you can find the best option.

Between December and April, the wind blows hard, which makes this destination a spectacular one for surfing and Kite Surfing. Another thing that makes this place something special is that there are no rocks in the sea, so you can swim or practice any sport in the water without big risks.

Weather in Mui Ne. The rainiest months are from April to October, but the rainy season in this area is weaker than in the rest of the country. It is one of the driest places in Vietnam.

How many Days to visit the city of Mui Ne? MuiNe is a very small town, but perfect to stay a few days to rest. If you only want to do it fast, with one day you can do most.

Aeropuerto en la ciudad en Mui Ne. El Aeropuerto de Dalat es el más cercano a Mui Ne, a unos 90 kms de distancia.

What to do or to visit in Mui Ne city?

  • Enjoy the dunes. You can enjoy the white dunes and the red dunes. Both offer unique landscapes. In the red ones, you can enjoy the dunes facing the sea, while in the white ones you can rent buggies, jeeps, motorcycles, and getting deeper in the dunes.
  • Enjoy the Mui Ne beach and the Resort area. In the Mui Ne resort area, where the 5-star hotels are, there are many shops selling practically everything. Definitely something you can do if you like shopping. The beach is also very pleasant and there are water sports available such as jet skis, floats pulled, kite surfing is highly recommended, among others.
  • Mui Ne harbour. Although it is still an important point for local people, it is quite attractive for tourists as it is full of circular barges and the picturesqueness of the place.
  • Red canyon or also known as the fairy Stream. A walk along a shallow river, where you walk through a small river surrounded by mountains. You are in the middle of a small canyon. Of those simple things that are worth it.

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