Motivation to Travel

We have created this section to motivate those who need it. We have always believed that the world would be better if we all had the opportunity to travel.

Over time, we have realized that everything starts at the moment when we were divided as a society between those who were sedentary and those who were nomads. In today’s life, there are practically no nomads, and that implies that there is much knowledge that we have lost.

On the other hand, there are many who feel the desire of traveling but don’t dare. They find excuses for not doing it, and that ends with suffering for those who didn’t follow their dreams,

This is why we have selected the best videos to motivate and travel.

The Best 3 travel motivation videos

The first three are some videos that drove me crazy when I saw them 10 years ago. Really good, and leaves you with a desire to travel that you do not take away with anything. With three concepts, they describe in an incredible way what travel means: move, eat and learn. After I watched them I couldn’t stop thinking that I had to be there, traveling.

These inspirational videos are short but so intense. An invitation to enjoy and let you go while watching.

Other two videos if you need even more motivation!

The next video is a documentary that, even though it is a little longer, it will make you question yourself why you are not traveling. Surely after watching it, you will start packing. A very motivating video too.

After having seen these videos of travelers who dared to fulfill their dream and that motivate anyone, you are probably ready to travel.

Have a great trip!

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Artículos sobre Viajes

Aquí una serie de artículos que pueden interesarte relacionados con los viajes. Pincha y entra en el que te llame la atención para saber más. Artículos para todos los niveles y gustos, que responden a la mayoría de las preguntas que las personas tienen antes de viajar.