Cifu en Ibiza

Who are you and what is your motivation to travel?

I am an ordinary person who doesn’t need much to have fun. As for types of trips, I really like those in which I can experience new things, that allows me to return with new stories, to meet people, and to enjoy the place by walking it by foot because it is where one is able to notice the details around you. But as everything in life must have a balance, I always try to combine this while I get to know the night side of each place, the hot spots, and all the underground life. I really enjoy this.

The idea of traveling, especially to new places is something relatively new. I’ve always been a person who doesn’t feel attracted to live new things. I always traveled to the same places on vacation for example. But when I started traveling, I also began to enjoy living new things, to be impregnated in a new place, so now it is something that I consider to be passionate about.

An unforgettable moment that I remember traveling was when we were with my girlfriend traveling on Ibiza by motorcycle. The freedom to be together traveling through an unknown place, by motorcycle, with much more access than if we had traveled by car or any other transportation, and in a place with beaches so beautiful.

Where have you been?

I have traveled mainly in South America, in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. I have also been to the USA, in Miami specifically and from the old continent, I know a few cities in Spain.

What do you like most about traveling?

Without a doubt it is to know new places, to learn from the culture and to be able to share the experience with other people different from those that you have around you in your normal life.

What does traveling mean to you?

Travel as I said, means to know, learn and share. You live experiences that generate unforgettable moments, which will remain in your memory for a long time, maybe forever. Traveling means to experience and to live new things, it means to disconnect from the routine and the normal life. But above all, it means to enjoy. For example, the trip to Miami that I mentioned earlier, was a trip to which along with other friends, we organized the trip with the idea of only having fun all the time. We made the trip coincide with the date of one of the famous ULTRA festivals, and we also spent the rest of the time touring the beaches of Miami, the Orlando parks among others. It was a trip in which we only wanted to have fun, and to enjoy.

What is your favorite place in the world and why?

At this moment my favorite place and to which I would definitely return is Ibiza. It has the perfect combination of beautiful places and nightlife. One day you can be relaxed on a paradise beach enjoying doing nothing and the other being listening to one of the best DJs in the world, in one of the most impressive parties you will ever be. For me, the fact of having traveled the island by motorcycle, and with the freedom that it implies. The freedom of having the possibility of practically reaching the shore with the motorcycle, then being able to jump from the rocks to a beautiful crystal clear water full of fishes is something priceless, 100% recommended.

What do you expect from a trip?

Generally, before a trip, I don’t have high expectations. I am a person who enjoys waiting to arrive at the place and to be surprised with each of the things that I experience throughout the trip. For example, now on our honeymoon, we will go to Cancun, and we have only seen the hotel, the rest of what we will do, we will decide in there. At the end, if you have a very organized trip it doesn’t allow you to relax completely. Your end up stressed trying to do the things that were organized and complying with the schedules.

If you won a prize, and you could go wherever you want to do the type of trip you want, without limits. How would it be?

I think I’m not very original for this, but I would choose Italy since it is a country with a lot of history and places to visit, where I think I could learn and enjoy a lot. It is a trip that I have planned to do, regardless of whether I won a prize like that.

But one idea, which I would really like very much, would be to go with 20 friends on a yacht in the Greek islands, simply with unlimited food and drinks on the table and listening to music all day.

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