América es not only United State. Actually, The United State is only one country of North America. America is divided in North America, Central America and South America. There are 35 countries in total in this continent. And they are all amazing.

Cheap destinations in Central America and South America

America is a big country where you can find amazing surprises. Here, you’ll be able to find important ruins of amazing civilizations like the Maya or Inca. You can also find amazing nature and a lot of different experiences at really good prices. Among the cheapest countries, we can list Bolivia, Brasil, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras y Belice.

America is different from Southeast Asia. Eating in the streets is not as easy as in Southeast Asia, and much more expensive, so if you want to save it’s recommended to find accommodation with a kitchen. Anyway, they are very cheap destinations, it’s easy to find hostels with a kitchen and you will live amazing and unique experiences.