Cheap Destinations to visit in countries of East Europe

If you have always dreamed of traveling to Europe, but you think you don’t have the budget, you can include some more expensive countries to travel during the day o staying one night, and then continue to East Europe. You will be able to live amazing experiences, at much cheaper prices than in the rest of Europe.

Many of these countries were very important a hundred or two hundred years ago, and some of them can show you things you can’t find anywhere else in the world. You can find amazing places, some of them seem to come from our dreams so you will definitely be amazed. Among the cheapest places in Europe, we can list: Check Republic, Austria, Croatia (One of our favorites in the list, because of the amazing waterfalls and beaches that you can find here), Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Rumania, Lithuania, Poland. Even though this category is more expensive than the rest, the prices are still cheap and you’ll definitely have an experience you will never forget.

Some tips to save money while traveling Europe

Among the most important tips, especially in transportation that we can give while traveling cheap in Europe, is using buses instead of trains. Obviously, it depends on the destinations chosen and your time available to travel, but if you can, you will save a lot of money and the service is pretty good. One of the most famous even though it doesn’t arrive in every country in East Europe, is Flixbus. Also, by omio, you can compare prices in every option of transportation. If you buy directly from omio, you will have to pay an extra for the service. If you consider the flights, be aware of the low-cost airlines, because the price probably doesn’t include luggage or food, that you have to pay extra.

Another tip for cheap travel in Europe that helped us a lot was to travel with an electric stove to save in food. With it, you can cook whatever you want, without needing a hostel with a kitchen or anything. Very practical, comfortable, and cheap.

Other European cities

Although they are somewhat more expensive cities, with the correct planning, making prudent decisions, and traveling at the right season, they can also be enjoyed a lot.