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The best Destinations to Travel around the World

Traveling is something we normally idealize. Traveling means discovering, letting go. Once, we saw the Eiffel tower on television and we dreamed of being there. You probably imagined a perfect and romantic place. But once in the place, you may feel that it is too cold or too hot. Maybe that it is dirty or stinky, or you can even see a mouse. So you end up spending a lot of money and you may end up disappointed…

We are not against traveling to a particular destination to relax and to enjoy the beach without having to worry about anything. But many times people do not travel because they cannot afford their dream destination, and you don’t travel to places that are closer to where they live and more affordable in terms of money. There probably are places that you do not imagine that can give you unique and unforgettable experiences.

If you can’t afford to go to Europe, go to Asia, or Central America. There are amazing places everywhere. We have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world, and we have had fascinating experiences in every place. Dare to explore and discover!



North, Central, and South America


Tourism and touristic destinations

Another way to choose a destination is in relation to what you expect from the trip. If you want to party, give it a spiritual meaning, or whatever you want. Find the perfect destination for what you want to do…

Every person is different, and what each person expects from the trip is also different. That’s why we have created this section with different types of tourism, oriented to different tourists or travelers so it can help you to find the perfect destination for you.