Travel to Dalat city in Vietnam

Dalat is undoubtedly the adventure destination of Vietnam, a city in the mountains, quite developed, and with much to offer. Waterfalls, temples, coffee plantations, cricket farms, silk factories, a city where French architecture stands out and with a very particular hotel as a highlight. Dalat will undoubtedly leave an adventure in your heart. Of all Southeast Asia, undoubtedly one of the most intense destinations, and also very pleasant since the temperatures are lower than the rest of hot Asia.

It is necessary to keep in mind that most of the things to visit are on the outside of the city, so if it is not through a motorcycle, you will have to hire a tour, or schedule with one of the people who will undoubtedly approach to take you to all these places.

Weather in Da lat. The rainiest months are from May to November, but the rain comes with its benefits too. The waterfalls bring more water, and the experience with the rain is pleasant if you are wearing the right clothes.

Days to visit the city of Dalat. Depending on what you like, you could spend several days enjoying this city, but with two full days in a hurry it could be enough for the main things. On a full day you can tour waterfalls, temples, flower plantations, coffee, strawberries, cricket farms and a silk factory. Another day to explore the city, to get lost in the market, to have a coffee in one of its stores, to try the avocado dessert, and also to see some temples and the crazy house. If you like canyoning, you will need one more day to enjoy this sport.

Airport in the city in Dalat. The city has an airport, and it is located about 30 km away from the city. To get to the city, there are buses for 2 USD, and taxis from 12-13 USD.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Dalat?

  • Tour around the city visiting the market, the Linh son pagoda and the temple of the golden buddha. Try an avocado ice cream.
  • Waterfalls. The best known are the Datanla waterfall, the elephant waterfall, the Prenn waterfall, and the tiger cave waterfall. For all of them, you have to pay an entry of just over a 1 USD.
  • The silk factory. It is a factory that shows and explains the process necessary to produce silk from cocoon phase worms, before becoming a butterfly.
  • Flower farms. Dalat is known for flower farms. The most visited and adapted to the public are the Cau Dat lavender farm and the secret garden. But along the roads, you’ll notice the many options available. On the map you can see more too. In the village, there is also the Dalat flower garden, which is also worth seeing.
  • Cricket farms. The cricket farm may also attract the attention of some people. They are a great source of protein, at a much lower cost or production than animal meat. If you like to try exotic food, it is a place you must visit.
  • The valleys and mountains on the outside of the city. The Langblang Mountain, the Golden Valley, the Dream Valley, the Love Valley are places to get lost in nature and discover landscapes and views that you will never forget. They are a little further apart.
  • The crazy house. It is a hotel with a very particular architecture. It reminded me a lot of Gaudí’s ideas. Mixing colors and shapes in what is a quite special place.
  • Coffee plantations. There are several coffee plantations on the outside of the city to enjoy a cofee, but a weasel farm stands out, where you can try coffee digested by them.
  • The sculpture museum or Clay tunnel is one of the new attractions that this place has, and it highlights a 2 km tunnel with the development of the city of Dalat. It is recommended to go in the morning since there is no shade and it is very hot.
  • Villa de Cu Lan is a place full of nature to go and relax. Stands out for nature and the possibility of doing sports such as horseback riding or cycling.

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