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This is a section of personal travel stories

Travelers Interview

Seba and Cami travelers

Interviews with travelers for different purposes: Study, Work, Working Holiday, Insight Search, among others. All very motivating!

Conscious Traveling

There are more ways, besides isolating yourself in a monastery, to advance on the path. A section of Articles that contribute to conscious travel.

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Who are we?

How it all started? We are a travel couple who have known each other for more than 17 years when we were classmates, but we started dating 9 years after graduating.

We started traveling around Europe, very enthusiastic and with a lot of ambition of traveling as a backpackers around the world.

We tried the working holiday in Denmark, where even though the experience wasn’t as we expected, we could continue traveling through Central America and the western part of South América.

Traveling around the world!

On this website, we seek to tell our story, while giving useful advice that can lead anyone to achieve the dream of traveling around the world.

Through videos, articles, and photos, we will give advice and share our experience. This means amazing stories, and the best tips for having the best cheap trips!

In total, we have traveled more than 30 countries in a “cheap travel” mode and we want to continue conquering places in this world together.

If you want to learn some more about traveling, this is the perfect place for you!

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Travel Stories

Through these years of discovering the world, we have lived amazing things. Some of them, are great and inspiring while others talk about the risks and the unexpected experiences that can come across at any time.

That’s why we have created this section full of our stories so you can learn from our experiences and the way we have dealt with them.

If you want to know more about our adventures, here you can read some of them!

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Travel Interviews

If you liked this section and you want to know about the experiences of other travelers, we have included some interviews with different types of globetrotters who have enjoyed the trips despite the differences of each one. An invitation to discover other ways of thinking about experiencing a trip, and at the same time to understand that to become a traveler, there are no excuses, but just attitude.

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Conscious Traveling

In this section, we are trying to transfer our thoughts and emotions about traveling. To Show our understanding and also to motivate from our vision so that everyone is encouraged to travel. We firmly believe that if people traveled more, it would be a better world, which is why we want everyone to do it. May the traveling revolution reach everyone, and may we change the world!

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Tourism with Awareness

Our home, the earth, is going through a process of climate change that seems irreversible. Let’s do tourism in awareness of what’s around us. Take care of each place as it’s your home. Be respectful about people. We can’t change the rest, but we can do it to ourselves. Don’t be judging around, accept what’s going on and try to find what can be your effort to make this world better.

Safe trip everyone!