Pablo Neruda

Travel to the coast of poets, cities of Mirasol, Quisco, Las Cruces, Punta de Tralca, Isla Negra, Cartagena, El Tabo, Santo Domingo and San Antonio in Chile

A route that brings together various but small towns. Algarrobo is a larger and more exclusive city, while its neighboring cities although varied, much more austere, with a lower profile. Almost at the end of the coast, San Antonio, the port of Chile that connects the most containers in the country.

A route that offers a great gastronomic experience, as well as amazing landscapes and a lot of art. In Isla Negra (Black Island) is one of the three houses of the poet Pablo Neruda. The poet Vicente Huidobro was inspired in Cartagena, and Nicanor Parra, famous for creating anti-poetry, lived in Las Cruces (the crosses).

Here you will find great ports, small picturesque towns, beautiful beaches, viewpoints, green nature, fishermen’s cove, wetlands, and many more surprises …

There are local public transport buses that connect all these towns.

Best Time to Travel to the Coast of Poets. The weather is pleasant all year round but a little cold in winter. The average in Summer (December to March) is 19 ° C, and the average in winter 12 ° C (May to September).

In high season, that is, January and February, a lot of traffic jams in this are. An aspect to consider if you want to come here on this months.

Days to visit the Poets Coast. This area has many places to visit. Some are to get carried away by the place, so it depends on each person the time they want to spend on each beach, viewpoint, museum. But with two days you should be able to know most of the things. If you want to rest and discover the magic of the place little by little, and also going to observe birds, we recommend staying as long as possible.

Airport to the Litoral de Poetas. There is no airport that is recommended in the area. Although you can contact agencies with tours to this area from the airport itself, the cheapest way to get to any of these towns from the airport would be taking the “Airport” bus that goes from the airport to the center of Santiago. Ask the driver to notify you when you arrive at the Alameda terminal, which is the one that leads to this area. From there, take a bus to the destination of your choice.

What to do or what to visit on the Poets Coast?

From north to south:

  • Mirasol Beach and Pirate Cave. A place semi-hidden by nature, but of extreme beauty. You will not regret coming here.
  • San Alfonso del Mar. It is an exclusive residential complex that stands out for having the largest swimming pool in the world inside. You can not visit if you do not stay there, but if you are one of those who can afford that, it is an incredible place.
  • Penguin Island or Nature Islet Sanctuary birds kids. Natural reserve that is visited through boat rides. The pier is located on Pejerrey beach. The ride lasts around 40 minutes.
  • Canelo Beach. An incredible place where you can access the small Canelillo beach, the Canelillo pine forest and various trails and viewpoints that go from the penguin Island sanctuary to the Islet and Punta Peñablanca sanctuary.
  • Quisco y Punta de Tralca. Two small towns with beautiful beaches, calm atmosphere, good gastronomic options, trails to walk, and nice viewpoints.
  • Pablo Neruda House Museum in Isla Negra. One of the poet’s three houses, where you can see many of his most important collections. With a private beach, one can imagine where such inspiration came from. The museum works with a self-guide system included in the entrance. In addition to this, Isla Negra has some nice beaches that are worth visiting.
  • Nature Sanctuary Quebrada de Córdoba. It has two trails, both of which can be covered in 3 hours. There are several lagoons, but you cannot bathe in them. Lots of flora and wildlife.
  • Punta de Lacho ViewPoint – Ecopoetic Park. An easily accessible place, perfect to watch the sunset and enjoy watching birds and the vegetation present in the place. A place in honor of the anti-poet Nicanor Parra who lived in this area, and who logically must have taken some of the inspiration. It is possible to see Nicanor Parra’s house. It is called the ivory tower and it is located on Lincoln Street.
  • Laguna El Peral Nature Sanctuary. With trails enabled for a tour of around half an hour.
  • Large beach of Cartagena. A beach of 2 kms long, which in the past was one of the most popular places in the country.
  • Vicente Huidobro House Museum in Cartagena. It is the house-museum in which the poet lived his last days. The house was inherited from his mother.
  • Take a walk from the port of San Antonio. From the boarding dock you can take a walking tour of approximately 30 minutes to learn more about the port and the city.
  • Piedra del Sol (Stone of the sun). Located in Santo Domingo, large stones from some pre-indigenous era.
  • Dunes of Santa María del Mar. Next to the Santa Pizza restaurant.
  • Tricao Park. A park to enjoy nature, birds, and disconnection. There is a gigantic aviary, with species from many parts of the world.
  • El Yali Wetland. It has one of the highest concentrations of birds in the country. There are trails and the possibility of kayaking.

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