Los Molles

Travel to Pichidangui and Los Molles, in Chile

Small towns that stand out above all for their tranquility and the possibility of enjoying the beaches and natural environments. An invitation to disconnect from everything, and let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of these wonderful places.

Best Time to travel to the Spas of Pichidangui and Los Molles. The best climate occurs between the months of October and April, but it must be considered that traveling to these areas in January and February is the high season, so there are many people, and the local atmosphere is lost a bit.

Days to visit Pichidangui and Los Molles. One day should be enough to tour these small towns if you own a car, otherwise, you will probably need an extra day for the two places. There are three towns that call for rest and disconnection, which is why you are invited to enjoy several days.

From the Airport to Pichidangui and Los Molles. There is no airport in these small towns, but there is an airport just outside La Serena. So to get to one of these small towns, you will have to take a transfer or taxi to the La Serena bus terminal, and from there you must take a bus that will take you to any of them. The other option is if you arrive at Santiago Airport, you take the bus called Airport that goes to the center and you get off at Terminal Alameda. From there you take a bus directly to your destination.

What to do or what to visit in Pichidangui and Los Molles?

  • Enjoy its beaches. Among the outstanding beaches of Pichidangui you can get to the Pichidangui beach and Punta Quelen.
  • Wetlands. Another natural aspect that stands out in these spas is the wetlands. Especially to observe birds, other animals, and native plants of the area. Among the best known are the Quilimarí River Mouth Wetland (Los vilos), and the Salinas Grande Wetland.
  • Puquén BioPark in Los Molles. A park with two trails, one of about 5 hours long and one shorter of one-half hours. You are bordering the sea so you can see it from different perspectives. There is a lot of vegetation and birds flying around you. If you walk long enough you arrive at Salto puquén or also known as a blower hole, which at high tide lets you see how the sea comes with so much force that it is expelled out there, similar to what a whale does. Something you simply must experience. You can also see the wolf rock, where sea lions are seen.
  • La Virgen Hill in Los Molles. A beautiful viewpoint, to which you must follow a path among the rocks. Perfect for watching the sunset.
  • The Quintrala cave in Pichidangui. There is a legend that the Quintrala had a great power of seduction, and after getting bored with the men she seduced, it threw them into this cave. That’s why the name. To get there, you have to cross a pleasant path of about 40 minutes, at a slow rhythm.
  • Dive and surf. If you are one of those who like water sports, here is the possibility of doing them. There is good clarity of the water and there are good waves, especially if you want to learn to do them.
  • Eating Churros and Empanadas. Part of traveling is trying and enjoying food. These places are perfect to go for a walk when it begins to get dark, or already at night. Eating an empanada or enjoying churros on the beach is one of those things that you will remember when you return home from your vacation.

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