The Gili are some very beautiful islands, but we believe that the great value that the islands have is the marine world, since you can swim with turtles and countless other species very easily, which makes it a rather unusual place in the world.

The unfortunate

Much of the local population has little awareness of the environment and the problem that exists with the excess of plastic in the sea, so it is recurring to see people throwing garbage from buses and/or boats in most of Asia. We were surprised to see they used straws in cocktails, juices, and even beverage cans. Tourists, who should be more aware and careful, make no effort to avoid it and easily become part of the problem. The boats are also part of the problem since they do not make great efforts to avoid damaging the corals. As a result of all this, when swimming in the sea it is quite easy to find plastic and other waste. Much of the corals on the island are dead or very damaged, which suggests that in the not too distant future the great plus of the islands, could disappear.

Taking care of the sea is everyone’s job.

Please, if one day you are in one of the Gili Islands, or anywhere else in the world, avoid using plastic bags as much as possible, do not accept straws, and if you find yourself swimming and see some plastic in the sea, please remove it from the water, and throw it in a dump. This is serious, and it is everyone’s job to be a contribution, and avoid becoming part of the problem. Although it is a bottle that you take out, it is one less bottle in the sea.

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