Hacer un crucero

Taking a cruise is something we’ve probably seen on film or only on television, but it’s an alternative that we should consider even as backpackers. Here we tell you everything you should know to make the most of this opportunity.

Why should you take a cruise?

A cruise is a unique experience, in which you become a king of ancient times where you have many people at your service. Taking one does not have to do with abusing people since they go to work on their own decision, and do so in order to raise money, or live the experience in different parts of the globe.

We have worked on jobs like these, and although sometimes you would like to be in the position of being served, as long as people do not show themselves as an entity of superiority over you, it should not be an unpleasant experience. So, respect, thank, and enjoy the experience.

But, How is it Possible to Make a Cheap Cruise? Is it Possible to Include a Cruise in a Cheap Trip?

A cruise, in addition to satisfy all the basic needs in a luxurious way (abundant food at your disposal at all times, beds with superior characteristics, in which you will rest as you have never done, very good showers, entertainment for each of days, and often at a great level, etc.), allows you to move around different places in the world, knowing different destinations, under the most comfortable conditions you can have.

One might think that a cruise is something that cannot be paid, but the truth is, that the system they have to fill the ship, makes it possible that sometimes you can get a cruise, at an absurdly cheap price. So much so, that it would be cheaper to know somewhere in cruise mode than to do otherwise on your own.

How is Cruise Travel Made with Little Money?

The sale of beds on cruise ships starts years before, and at the moment, prices are cheaper than in some periods but still very expensive. But when the date is approaching, and the cruise ship has still beds available, prices are lowered in order to fill the ship. After all, a ship with available beds is a ship that is wasting money.

How to Look for these Cheap Cruise Beds?

There are countless pages that give access to these last-minute beds, and one of the ones we like the most is https://www.cruisedirect.com/ It has an exclusive section of last-minute cruises.

There are certain ports where there are more ships and offers (Miami, Barcelona, ​​Rome), and it is precisely in these, where you can find 8-day cruises, sometimes, for less than 400 euros.


In relation to the price, it must be considered that all cruises work with a mode of tips that are not included in the price, but that charges you to your account ALWAYS during your trip. It is possible to request that we give the tips personally, but you must approach the inn before the last day of travel to request this, otherwise you will be charged to your account, and you will have to pay them.

These tips are divided among all the people who work on the cruise, and they can become a big surprise if you don’t consider it. Although they vary from cruise to cruise and from room to room, it is always between 12 and 20 usd per day, per person. That is, at the price you bought the cruise, you will have to add those 15 usd per day and per person, which you will have to pay when you get off.


Best Cruise Lines

According to the cruises we have taken and although they vary by ship and year of construction, we consider that the best cruise line is Norwegian, followed by Royal Caribbean, and then third, Costa, MSC and Carnival.

But as we said, it depends a lot on the ship, and especially the year of construction.

If you want to know more about the best cruise chain, enter here! la mejor cadena de cruceros, entra aquí!

mejor crucero

If you want to know which is the best cruise chain, click and enter to discover it. Most of cruises are very good, but only one the best Cruise Line

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