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Slovenia Tourism

Slovenia is one of the most hidden secrets in Europe. With magical rivers of turquoise color, an island with a picturesque church in the middle of a lake and an unforgettable dessert, make this destination one of the favorites of anyone who travel through it.

Garganta de Vintgar.

Capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana.

Internet connection in Slovenia: Internet very good.

Security in Slovenia: A very safe country. It’s advised to be especially careful in places with many people.

Drinking-Water in Slovenia: Drinking water from the tap is available in the country.

Entry requirements for Slovenia: Most countries do not need a special Visa. Requirements are the same as for the entire Schengen area.

Currency in Slovenia : Euro.

Language: Slovenian

Best time to travel to Slovenia: From April to August, thus avoiding the cold winter. Unless it is what you are looking for.

Typical Slovenian food: Bled cake and Cevapi.

Move between cities: As in all of Europe, transport is very developed, it is very easy to buy tickets and book online., flixbus for buses, are two options where you can book your tickets.

Recommended cities to visit in Slovenia: Ljubljana, Bled, Škocjan.

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