Singapur, qué hacer

What to do in Singapore?

Singapore certainly looks like a city out of the future. It is full of gigantic buildings, streets that attract your attention to how impeccable they are, and an enviable transportation system for any other country. It is a country with a fairly strict legal development. So much so, that it is known as the city of fines. By saying that even eating gum is prohibited by law.

Beyond that, it is a fairly expensive city compared to its Asian peers, almost comparable to countries like Australia. Still, it is possible to find relatively cheap options for sleeping, eating, getting around the city and accessing attractions, which make Singapore a destination even for low-cost travelers.

Transportation in Singapore

Thanks to a spectacular subway system, which reaches everywhere, it is an incredible way to get around this city. If on the other hand, what you want is to walk, it is also quite easy. And because of the small city, it will not be difficult and will allow you to know another side of the city that would be lost moving underground.

Best Attractions of Singapore

– Cultural Neighborhoods in Singapore

Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam (Muslims) are the most important cultural neighborhoods in Singapore. They are quite particular places within the city, which can be easily reached by subway or bus, and where you can clearly see the most cosmopolitan face of Singapore. In them, you can find markets, places to eat, temples and infrastructure associated with each culture.

– Shopping Centers in Singapore

If you’re looking for malls and shopping center, Singapore has everything you need. Within the main shopping centers, there are Orchard Road and Marina Square (Luxury shopping centers), Chinatown and Little India (Jewels), and Sim Lim Square for electronic items (In the latter, it is advisable to find out first about the product you want to buy, do not blindly trust what the seller says (in terms of brands, quality, and even price).

– Sentosa Island

A unique Island, which can be easily reached by public transport, and with beaches that seem perfect and countless other activities such as a large aquarium, universal studios, a Madame Tussauds museum, a water park, among others. Each activity has a specific price, so we recommend evaluating them before going since in some cases they are quite expensive, and if you want to visit more than one, you can get some discounts.

– The gardens by the bay

It is a giant park of 101 hectares that is really impressive, it has a free and a paid part, in which you can find species of trees and plants from all continents, except Antarctica. In addition, it has the famous artificial trees, which collect energy and water from weather and impress tourists every night with a show that mixes lights and music. It is a free show, highly recommended.

– Night walk through Marina Bay.

If what you like is walking, going to Marina Bay shortly before sunset is a recommended option. You can admire the great skyscrapers of this city by lighting and illuminating the city. In addition, every night there is a light show in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, which is free and in which with powerful sources of water, they make you vibrate with lights and music.

What to eat in Singapore?

Singapore is a gastronomic center with excellence. When walking through its streets, you can enjoy dishes typical of virtually all existing cultures, and at prices for all tastes. As for tips, in Singapore, there is a restaurant that has been awarded the cheaper restaurant with a Michelin star in the world, so it is worth visiting and eating one of its typical dishes (chicken fried rice, soy sauce chicken and pork char chiew). The name of the restaurant is Hawker Chan Liao Fan Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken, and it is located in the Chinatown, on smith street, 78.


Finally, if the animals are of your interest, there is a zoo, and a night safari, which although we did not, have good recommendations for some people. If you’re interested, check it out!

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