The beautiful city of Sapa, the hidden city of Vietnam.

Sapa is a different place. The climate is cooler, which is nice when you are in South Asia. The city has a lake, squares, it is surrounded by hills, and in its surroundings, you can enjoy views of the rice plantations that generate much pleasure to the eyes. It stands out for its landscapes and for the possibility of buying cheap things. They claim to be original, but who knows, the quality is clearly not the same and they are ridiculously cheap. If you dare to ride a motorbike, on its curvy roads, you will also enjoy the wind and adrenaline. There are many viewpoints in the surroundings, with a motorcycle or on foot, you can get to them. We recommend using the app application or another similar one, to see the places around and the paths available. Here you can even read the opinion of the people who have gone. In most flashy places of the city, they charge you for admission. One of the most unique experiences you can make in these places is to stay with local people or to make trails with them. It is a recommended experience if you are interested in knowing about how local people actually live.

Recommended days to visit Sapa, in Vietnam. With a whole day available, I imagine that you can capture the essence of the place, go to some nearby viewpoints, and enjoy the city, but it is a place to relax, to get carried away, to get lost. So finally I think at least two days. The best time to travel is from March to May, after the rain season.

Airport in Sapa. The closest airport to the city of Sapa is Dienbienphu Airport (DIN) located about 140 km away. But probably the one you will get to is the Noi Bai International airport in Hanoi, about 240 km away. It is about 5 hours by bus from Hanoi, but in general, there are sleeping buses for tourists, which makes the travel experience very pleasant.

What to do in the city of Sapa in Vietnam.

  • Do some trekking around one of the many trails with a woman from one of the mountain tribes. This will allow you to walk through corners that you probably would not dare to enter if you were not with them and also, you can learn a little more about them.
  • Visit some of its waterfalls, such as the tha bac waterfall, love waterfall or cat cat waterfall.
  • Get lost walking around the city and taste some new fruits in the local market.
  • Take any of the multi-day excursions. It is always recommended to do it with local people, living as a local person is one of the maximum expressions of cultural exchange, and in this place, you are presented with a unique opportunity to live in a completely different way. And also, you encourage the local economy.
  • Ride the city roads on a motorcycle. If you dare to venture into these curvy roads and beautiful views, I recommend it 100%. There are many viewpoints along the way, and the more you advance the more surprises you can find.
  • Enjoy the amazing views from the cable car. If you don’t want to walk but you still want to have the experience of being at the top of a mountain, you can get into the cable car and be there easily.
  • Do any of the traditional herb baths in the mountains. You will be a new person after that.

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