Seguridad mientras se viaja

How to stay safe while traveling?

Security is something important when going to some country. In most places, it will be evident that one is a visitor from another side (clothes, physical appearance, backpacks, etc.). For many people, the tourist always carries money or things of value, so we can be vulnerable. I do not say this to scare you, in fact, often attracting people’s attention leads us to live incredible moments, since many people feel interested and can even invite you to eat or a celebration, but you can also run into the wrong person, so you have to be careful.

Seguridad mientras se viaja

Always attentive!

Studies have indicated that a thief will never choose an attentive person, he will always look for someone who walks in the clouds, so always observe. Pay attention to the people around, and keep your backpacks and/or wallets close. (If possible, always keep them in front)

Avoid the nights

There are very safe places, but even in them, it is not advisable to be walking around after 11 at night. Avoid it, or do it through a taxi, never walking. When you go out, be very careful, there are countless stories of people who have put drugs in their drinks, don’t lose sight of them, and avoid being left alone.

Always ask

When you arrive at a destination, ask at the hotels, or anyone about the security of the place. I also recommend looking for the destination on TripAdvisor. If it is a place where you have to take more precautions, it will appear quickly.

If you are hitch hicking, be careful!

If you are going to be using your finger to travel around, do it in places where they are visible, and that there is room for cars to stop. Never in the middle of the road, or in a curve, for example. For more information about this, you can go here!

Diversify the money

About carrying the Money, it is advisable to divide it. Take a little with you, leave another in the hidden room or in a safety box. Divide also in the form, some cash, and also cards. That will help you avoid risks, or minimize costs in case something unwanted happens.

Travel Insurance

Finally, we recommend travel with travel insurance. It is likely that nothing happens, but in case it does, it will get you out of trouble, and you will not be in debt. There are very cheap options and it can really be very useful.

Avoid Drugs and alcohol while traveling

Another recurring risk when traveling is drug and alcohol abuse. Many times traveling becomes the perfect scenario to go crazy and experience new sensations, but you have to be careful. Understand that you are in an unknown place, that probably because you are a foreigner you attract the attention and that you should not show the world that you are not in a state of full consciousness. Be careful, avoid abuse and avoid being alone. There are countless stories of people who have suffered that somebody else put drugs in their drink without noticing and then steal them or do worse. Be careful, and don’t leave your drinks alone at any time.

Safe trip everyone!

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