Rio de Janeiro

Traveling to the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil

One of the most tourist cities in the world. A very happy place with the most diverse landscapes and panoramas. The famous river carnival takes place in this city, without a doubt one of the most incredible festivals in the world.

Rio de Janeiro

Best Time to Travel to Rio de Janeiro

In the months between June and August, it is the best time to travel to this city, since the heat does not overwhelm you as much and the rain is not as intense as in other months of the year.
In the last week of February, the famous carnival is celebrated in this city.

How many days to visit the city of Rio de Janeiro

In order to enjoy its beaches and explore the main tourist spots in the city center of Rio de Janeiro, it takes approximately 4 days.

But there are also many islands and cities around in this state, (maximum 3 hours away from downtown Rio) and tours to wonderful beaches, which are very worth knowing.

The airport in the city of Rio de Janeiro

There are 2 main airports in this city.
The Santos Dumont Airport, which is only 2 km away from the city center and for less than 4 USD, you can arrive in Copacabana in a Shuttle bus that departs from the airport. This is the most convenient alternative relating to price-comfort.
And the other is the Galeao Airport, where you can get by different ways to to Copacabana. By bus or metro for 2 USD approx, and the trip takes a little over an hour. And by taxi or uber to Copacabana for approx. 18 USD and you arrive in less than 30 minutes.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Rio de Janeiro?

  • Copacabana beach. It’s a very long beach located on the main street of downtown Rio de Janeiro, it is approximately 6km long. When you walk through the main avenue, you can find many restaurants and bars. It also stands out for artistic expressions and souvenir shops, among others.
  • Ipanema. It’s an exclusive neighborhood in this city. Here you can find a lot of shops and the best brands. But the main thing is its beautiful beach, with incredible scenery, and where you can relax in the sea or sunbathe on the sand. It is also the ideal place to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • Christ redeemer. This figure is the symbol of Rio de Janeiro, it is located more than 700m high, on the Corcovado hill. Here, beyond seeing this great sculpture, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire city. You get on a train that costs approx. 5 USD. It is advisable to attend this place during the day, as it is not a very safe place to stay at night.
  • Sugar Bread. It’s a great hill that can be seen from almost all points of this city. You can go up to the top (more than 300m high) in a cable car (it costs approx. 20USD, including the entrance), it is surrounded by a lot of green and wonderful landscapes, as well as impressive views of the city.
  • Botanical Garden. Close to Ipanema beach, it is a place where you can enjoy a lot of nature, different species of trees, many palm trees, and also beautiful birds.
  • Maracana Stadium. The great legendary stadium of soccer history. Around this, you can find a Museum or “walk of fame” of the most prominent characters in this sport.
  • Sambadrome. Great outdoor space where many events are held. Here the samba schools rehearse, and in the carnival season, you can see varied and spectacular shows.
  • Lapa neighborhood. Unmissable neighborhood in Rio, during the day you can enjoy its art and architecture, its main arches, and the typical colorful Selarón tile staircase.
    At night, you can find all the bohemia offered in Santa Teresa, every day, it is the main party place in this city. It is advisable to be attentive to your things.

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