Viaje para mayores

For travelers who can not move so easily, whether by age, weight or disease and still want to go out to meet other countries or have different experiences.


These types of trips are luxurious and enabled for people with reduced mobility.

On the cruise there is virtually unlimited food available, and with each stop, you can organize trips from the boat and take passengers in buses with all the amenities to explore the places of interest.

Hotels with All Inclusive System

What can be better than going to a place where you are treated as king. There is unlimited food and drinks, a lot of comfort and you will surely have an unforgettable experience.

Trips with arranged travel agencies, or charters for seniors

Even though it is obviously more expensive to pay a travel agency, or other organization to buy previously the trip, at least it gives you the opportunity to know and feel what it is to travel, and live the experience of being in another place, with other customs, other beliefs perhaps or simply being in an even more comfortable place than your home itself. More than anything, we recommend this option since as you bought your ticket to an agency, this can intervene in case there is a problem with the flight or accomodation.

Artículos sobre Viajes

Aquí una serie de artículos que pueden interesarte relacionados con los viajes. Pincha y entra en el que te llame la atención para saber más. Artículos para todos los niveles y gustos, que responden a la mayoría de las preguntas que las personas tienen antes de viajar.