Travel to the city of Quintay, Laguna Verde and Tunquén, in Chile

In the vicinity of Valparaíso, and just over an hour from Santiago, there are 3 treasures that many visitors constantly pass by.

One was an old whaling center, the other is a beautiful and quiet bay and the last one a beach that stands out as one of the few in the region that has no real estate development.

These cities are not connected to each other by public transport buses, so to move between them, you will need to have your own car.

Best Time to travel to Quintay, Laguna Verde, and Tunquén. The best weather occurs from October to March. The average in Summer (December to March) is 19 ° C, and the average in winter 12 ° C (June to September).

How many Days to visit Quintay, Laguna Verde, and Tunquén. If you just want to know what the places are like, by car you can make all three destinations in one day. But if you want to really feel the atmosphere of each place, go a little around the places, at least one day per place would be ideal.

Airport in Quintay, Laguna Verde, and Tunquén. There is no airport that is recommended in the area. Santiago International Airport is only about 85 km away from Valparaíso. Although you can contact agencies with tours to this are from the same airport itself, the cheapest way to get to these cities from the airport would be to take the “Airport” bus that goes from the airport to the center of Santiago. Ask the driver to notify you when he arrives at the Alameda terminal, which is the one that you need. From there, take a bus in the direction of Valparaíso, and from there take a bus to any of the three cities.

With the app or from the web https://moovitapp.com/ you can access the options you have in real-time, so you will even know how long to wait for your bus to arrive.

What to do or what to visit in the cities of Quintay, Laguna Verde, and Tunquén?

Laguna Verde

  • Visit the lagoon, which is by the sea and it is very special. You will be able to see flora and fauna present in the place.
  • Green gorge park. 4 km of trails along a forest path and beautiful views of the sea. There are many cliffs and nature to appreciate.
  • Small Green of Laguna Verde. One of the best-kept secrets. To get there you must continue beyond the beach where everyone arrives. Watching the sunset is one of the great recommendations for this place. Access is difficult for someone with difficulty moving.
  • Punta Curaumilla Lighthouse. The first lighthouse in the country with a weather station and telephony, so it played a key role for the Chilean Navy in the past. If you go in February you may see whales on the horizon.


  • Whaling of Quintay. Today a museum of what was an important Whaling for almost two decades in Chile.
  • Quintay Small Beach. It is reached by walking from the fisher’s cove through a thorn forest. A walk of about 20 minutes.
  • Quintay Big Beach. Beautiful beach with strong waves, next to the cove, which is also very picturesque.
  • Diving in Quintay. If you are one of those who like this water sport, here there is a place with quite good visibility.


  • Quartz mine. A quiet place, where you can visit a rose quartz mine. It is possible to buy very cheap quartz here too.
  • Tunquén wetland. A spectacular place for bird watching and to enter nature.
  • Tunquén beach. A beach free of real estate or tourist development, which makes it quite special, with some nice dunes.
  • Placilla of Peñuelas. “Pond of the light” or Curauma lagoon. It’s a reservoir that currently only functions as a center for water sports. Through a path, you can get from here to the waterfall El Salto, a waterfall of about 100 meters high.

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