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Philippines Tourism

The Philippines is different from the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia. More expensive, the food available is not as good as in the rest of the countries of the area, and it is more difficult to travel without prior planning. In most touristic destinations, there is a great tourist development, which makes it easy to communicate, get transportation or information.

The Philippine Islands are a wonderful thing, if you go to discover their corners, you will find breathtaking landscapes that will take away your speech.

The main cities, Manila and Cebu are quite unattractive to the common tourist, but you need to get into one of the two cities in order to get into the country. It is recommended to use them as a connection. It is also recommended to plan in advance flights between islands or even ferries if that is the option chosen. It is quite common that ferry tickets are sold out well in advance so if you do not have everything planned before arriving in any of these cities, you could end up in the situation that there are no tickets and your trip may become quite unpleasant. Otherwise, if you buy in advance, you can find cheaper flight tickets than the ferries and doing this you’d save a lot of time.

Capital of the Philippines: Manila.

Internet connection in the Philippines: The Internet connection varies by island and when you travel. In general, it is deficient.

Security in the Philippines: Extra care in big cities. In tourist places, there is enough protection and safety. It is not advisable to get away from tourist areas, as there are very dangerous areas. Just ask before you go.

Drinking-Water in the Philippines: It is necessary to buy bottled water.

Entry requirements for the Philippines: With the exception of Cuba, all the other Latin American and European countries can enter without a visa.

Currency in Philippines: Philippine Peso.

Language in the Philippines: More than 170 languages ​​are spoken in the Philippines, but Filipino and English are their official languages.

Best season to travel: November to May. Less rain and more pleasant temperatures.

Typical food: The Adobo.

Travel among the cities in the Philippines: If you are going to take a trip longer than two weeks, it is advisable to arrive in Cebu and start a journey on the way to the Palawan nest. There are many amazing destinations with incredible experiences, and from this area, there is more availability of ferries. On the other hand, from Manila, the distances are quite large, the nearby places with the exception of Sablayan, are much less impressive than the rest of the island. It is recommended to plan trips as much as possible, with flights for the longest distances.

Recommended cities in the Philippines: Boracay, Siargao, El Nido, Coron, Bohol, Palaui Island, Santa Cruz Island, Mactan Island, Port Barton, Pandan Island, Kalanggaman Island.

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