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Peru Tourism

Peru, the ancient kingdom of the Incas currently receives millions of tourists a year, who marvel at the incredible and unique variety of experiences available in Peruvian lands. With one of the seven wonders of the world, Machupicchu and with exceptional experiences that can be lived in Puno and on the banks of the Amazon, they undoubtedly make Peru one of the great tourist centers of the entire American continent.

Its gastronomy, also recognized worldwide, calls the traveler to connect with their senses and live one of the most intense gastronomic experiences around the world. Trying their ceviches, and other typical dishes will make the sense of taste to activated as never before.

An invitation to learn about the Incas and marvel at the questions that are still unsolved in relation to this impressive civilization.

Capital of Peru: Lima

Internet Connection in Peru: The Internet depends on where you are. Near the Amazon, it is more difficult of course because of the isolation their, but in Lima or other tourist places in Peru, it is also very good.

Security in Peru: A generally safe country, but certain precautions must be maintained. Be especially careful in places with many people. Do not walk too late, or walk showing many jewels. Be respectful too.

Potable Water in Peru: The quality of tap water is not very good. It is recommended to drink bottled water all the time, and everywhere in the country.

Entry requirements for Peru: Most countries do not need a special Visa. With a valid passport, it should be enough.

Peru Currency: Sol.

Language in Peru: Spanish

Best time to travel to Peru: In general, Peru has pleasant weather all year. In Machupicchu it is advisable to avoid the months of January and February because it is common that there are closures due to the Bolivian Winter.

Typical food in Peru: Ají de Gallina, Potatoes a la Guancaína, Ceviche.

Move between cities: In general, it is quite easy to move to the interior of Peru since they have a good bus system. Some areas such as to get to the banks of the Amazon that is more complicated and there are no direct buses, but for the rest, it is quite easy. There are low-cost flights very convenient and you can save a lot of time. Peru is a big country.

Recommended cities: Lima, Puno, Arequipa, Cuzco, Máncora, Iquitos.

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