Eiffel tower

Traveling to the city of Paris in France

One of the tourist capitals of the world, with a symbol that has made generations fall in love. The grandeur of the Eiffel Tower stands out not only for its architecture and detail but also for the relationship it creates with the visitor and the romanticism it creates as you get closer to it.

Getting lost in Paris is something that every person should experience, and the majesty of every corner you will discover will let a mark in your heart for sure.

Eiffel tower

A city that captivates the world not only for its impressive buildings and monuments but also for its nightlife, gastronomy, and its impressive museums. A city that has known how to stay on top of world tourism for hundreds of years despite the passage of time.

Best Time to travel to Paris. If you are not a lover of the cold weather, and you prefer the warm and longer days, we would probably recommend you from April to September for your trip to Paris, since the weather is much more pleasant and the days longer.

How many Days to visit the city of Paris. Paris is one of the most complete destinations in the world so you have things to do for weeks. Only in the Louvre you can stay for several days. That is why we invite you to find out what you want to do, to make the most of your stay. We would recommend a minimum of two or three days to visit the main attractions of the city.

From the Airport to the city of Paris. The cheapest options to get from the airport to Paris are by train and by bus, and it’s around 10 euros each way.

What to do or visit in the city of Paris?

  • The Eiffel Tower. It is the symbol of this city and the most visited monument in the world. Although it can be seen from different parts of the city, you can also climb to the top of this tower and appreciate a wonderful panoramic view of Paris from there. It is advisable to obtain the tickets in advance through the internet, to avoid long lines.
  • Louvre Museum. It is a great museum and well known worldwide. In it, you will find important works, such as La Gioconda (or Mona Lisa), The Seated Scribe, Venus, among others. It is a museum that gathers thousands of works and it has an immense size. It’s so big that if you want to visit every corner of the Museum, It is calculated that it would take you approx. 5 days.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s a Gothic style cathedral. It contains 2 towers and different figures such as statues, gargoyles, among others. It is among the most visited and popular places in this city. In 2019, A big fire in the building caused great damage in it, That is why it is currently undergoing reconstruction and its wonderful infrastructure can only be seen from the outside.
  • Seine river. It’s a wonderful river that crosses the city. You can walk around it, on a wonderful road, and being able to appreciate the beautiful bridges. You can also take a boat trip on it.
  • Montmartre. It’s a famous neighborhood in this city, which is said to have served as inspiration for works by painters such as Picasso, Dalí, among others. In it, you can see many artists and different expressions of these. Also here, you can visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.
  • Arch of Triumph. It is a very impressive monument in this city and has a very nice view of the great avenue of the Champs-Elysées (a long street that brings together the most glamorous brands and most beautiful monuments). It is located in one of the largest roundabouts in the world.
  • Palace of Versailles. Wonderful building with beautiful and large gardens, full of history and luxury, you cannot miss a visit to this place as it is majestic.
  • Luxembourg Gardens. Large green space in front of the Luxembourg Palace that gives you tranquility and peace in this city. It has beautiful sculptures and a pond in the center. Just perfect to have a sit, and enjoy existence.
  • Disney Paris. Where adults and children can experience the magic and charm that these attractions from the most famous Disney movies bring you. Ideal to enjoy with family and kids.
  • Moulin Rouge. It’s probably the most world-famous Cabaret show. It’s in the Pigalle neighborhood, where there are several options of different cabarets, sex shops, bars, and restaurants. It is highly recommended if you want to attend, to buy the tickets long time in advance, as they sell out quickly.

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