Travel to Ometepe Island in Nicaragua

One of Nicaragua’s hidden secrets. A gem in the middle of Lake Cocibolca or also known as the Big Lake of Nicaragua. A place to disconnect from the world, and to enjoy the tranquility of the place. In the past, it was used as a refuge for pirates. Today It’s a small but growing tourist destination that surprises with its authenticity, little development, and beautiful landscapes.

Best Time to travel to Ometepe Island. In general, the weather is pleasant all year round, but if you want to avoid the rain, you must travel between November and May.

How many days to travel around the island of Ometepe. This island is a place that you can easily explore in a first pass, but if you want to know its corners, or even climb its volcanoes, you will need more time. We consider a minimum of two days.

The airport on the island of Ometepe. The island has an airport 2 km away from Moyogalpa. But the easiest way to get there is via bus and ferry from San Juan del Sur, or Managua. It is very close to the border with Costa Rica as well.

What to do or what to visit on Ometepe Island?

  • The Waterhole. A perfect place to relax in crystal clear water pools in the middle of nature. The pool has different levels of depth, and there are some nature trails if you want to explore. It is priced at 5usd for foreigners.
  • Concepción Volcano. A somewhat tough climb that takes around 9 hours (5 to climb, 4 to descend). The path is usually slippery and difficult. Reaching the top it offers exceptional views of the place. It is recommended to bring trekking sticks and water.
  • Maderas Volcano. It also takes around 8 hours. It’s also a little bit hard. Stands out for the abundant vegetation on the way, and good views. It is recommended to bring trekking sticks and water.
  • Jesus Maria Point. It’s a nice place to go to watch the sunset and to enjoy the unique scenery of the place. What stands out the most is a piece of land that divides the lake’s waters. Ideal for taking good photos.
  • Charco Verde Lagoon. A place to walk among nature, and to enjoy the scenery. There is a butterfly house on site.
  • Enjoy the beaches. Along the edge of the island, there are several beaches that can be visited and enjoyed.

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