Travel to the Country of Beaches and Volcanoes, Nicaragua

A country of diverse landscapes and cities with a rich Spanish heritage. Its beaches are incredible, especially for surf lovers. In addition to this, a beautiful lake, with a large island in the middle, in addition to the possibility of living unique volcanic adventures.


Nicaraguan Capital: Managua.

Internet connection in Nicaragua: Good internet signal in the main or most tourist cities. As you move away from these places, accessibility is limited.

Security in Nicaragua: It is a country where you have to take certain care, although generally, nothing happens. It is a country that we consider relatively safe, but in which you must have normal precautions.

Drinking-Water in Nicaragua: You must buy bottled water to drink.

Entry requirements for Nicaragua: In most cases, just a passport with a validity of more than 6 months is enough. Countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela need to process the visa.

Nicaragua’s official currency: Nicaraguan Córdoba.

The official language of Nicaragua: Spanish.

Best time to travel to Nicaragua: Generally speaking, we could say that the best time is when it rains the least. This happens between the months of November to April.

Typical Nicaraguan food: Corn would probably be the most common in Nicaraguan gastronomy, among which corn tortillas and tamales stand out. The national dish is the Gallo pinto, which is rice with beans. Trying a Nica breakfast is something you should also try.

Moving between cities in Nicaragua: In general, it is quite easy to move to the interior of Nicaragua, since they have a good bus system between cities.

Recommended cities Nicaragua: Managua, León, Granada, San Juan del Sur, Ometepe Island.

Best cities to travel around Nicaragua.

If you want to know more about the best destinations to travel in Nicaragua, click and enter the place you prefer.

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