Travel to the city of Montevideo, in Uruguay

A nice little city with very welcoming people. It has a great historical load, as well as green areas and quiet beaches. A great place to get lost in its streets.


Best Time to travel to Montevideo. From December to March it is summer in this country (temperatures from 20 ° C to 30 ° C), so if you want to enjoy the beaches, this is the ideal season. It rains less in these months than in the rest of the year, as well. In February it is carnival time in this country, where you can enjoy a lot of parties and their typical dances in the main streets.

How many days to visit the city of Montevideo. It is a small city and it’s very easy to travel despite having many attractions. In 2 days you can enjoy and visit the main points of this city.

The airport in the city of Montevideo. The Carrasco International Airport is the main international airport in Uruguay. It’s located 20 km away from the city center.
There are different options to do it, but the cheapest way is to take a bus (between $ 1.5USD and $ 5 USD). The other option is to take a “Shuttle”, which drops you off at your hotel (for $ 10 USD) and finally, taking a taxi (approx. $ 40 USD).

What to do or What to visit in the city of Montevideo?

  • Av. 18 de Julio. It is the main avenue of Montevideo. When touring this you can see many monuments and historic buildings. You can also find shops, bars, and restaurants.
  • Independence square. It’s the most imposing and most important plaza de Montevideo. It’s located in the center of this city.
  • La Rambla. A 20 km coastal edge in this city, that allows you to enjoy a long and unforgettable walk with a view of the sea. Along the boulevard, you can reach the impressive Parque Rodó.
  • Port market. A picturesque place where you can find the best places to eat delicious grills, pizzas, and the typical goats.
  • Salvo Palace. The second tallest building and the most emblematic building in Montevideo. Here you can find wonderful architecture.
  • Legislative Palace. A nice building, where the Parliament of Uruguay is located.
  • MAM or Montevideo agricultural market. The main agricultural market of this city, where in addition to finding food products for sale, you can find bars and nightlife.
  • Little wells. 1 of the 10 beaches that this city has, although they are not paradisiacal beaches and with crystal clear waters, they are a good place to relax and to enjoy the sound of the sea.

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