Montañita, Ecuador

Traveling to the city of Montañita, in Ecuador

The party and bohemia destination par excellence. With more than a decade as the official venue for the South American party, Montañita stands out as the favorite destination for lovers of alcohol, nightlife, and surf.

The warm sea of ​​its beaches along with the energy of its thatched roof bars and restaurants, make montañita a perfect destination for traveling alone or with friends.

The perfect destination for surf lovers, due to the pleasant nature of its waves.

Best Time to Travel to Montañita. If what you want is a party, you should go in the high season months. If you want to live Montañia relaxed, and with a humble atmosphere, you should avoid the months of June, July, January, and February.

Days to visit the city of Montañita. It is a small place that you can see very fast if you just want your checklist, but if you really want to feel the place, seeing some beaches in the surroundings, and survive the nightlife, at least I’d recommend 3 days.

Airport in the city of Montañita. You must get to Guayaquil airport and from there you can even walk to the bus terminal, which is less than 2 km away. From here you can take the bus to Montañita.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Montañita?

  • Enjoy its beaches. The waves of montañita is what have made this paradise so famous. Ideal for those who love surfing and enjoying the sea.
  • Go to a party. That’s what you’re visiting this place for. The perfect destination to party, until dawn. There are options for all tastes, from the calmest to those who have no limits. If you want to continue partying, Montañita will not disappoint you, even if it is early in the morning… Drugs are quite common in this area. The place is perfect for surviving a hangover the next day, so don’t worry about it. You will feel bad, but you will be in the best place to be.
  • Alex waterfall. Inside Olón Beach, there is this waterfall. It’s not so big and if you ride a bike, it can be demanding.
  • Discover Olón beach and The Point mountain. Walking or cycling north from Montañita is quite an experience. If you go up the mountain you will have incredible views of the place, while if you continue to Olón Beach, you will find a bay with calmer waters, and an environment completely different to Montañita.
  • Dos Mangas waterfall. About 15 kms away from Montañita, you can visit this waterfall. It is recommended to do it with a guide, but it is an incredible experience to see howler monkeys, butterflies, and other animals. At night it is possible to see fireflies. If you go walking or cycling, it can be heavy if you are not in good physical condition. we recommend you to carry a lot of water.
  • Machalilla National Park. About 60 km away from Montañia, this national park is quite complete since in addition to seeing wild flora and fauna, inside you can enjoy some beaches, islets, and even archaeological remains of pre-Columbian civilizations. Los Frailes area, inside the park, offers impressive cliffs and beaches. A park where you could be exploring for several days.

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