The magic of simple things

Sunsets have always enchanted me. It is a unique time of the day, where colors are the great magic. It is very simple, it is there every day, but for some reason, we do it very rarely. How many times have you seen a sunset? What percentage of days in your life have you seen one?


Along with sunrise, sunsets are the only time of the day when we can look at the sun directly without damaging our eyes. That’s why they said, “In the evening, you can look God in the eye.”

I always remember a magical moment that I lived in. I was lying on the grass, my head was on one side, and I saw a grasshopper doing a vertical jump and looking directly at me. He did it 3 or 4 times. I don’t know how grasshoppers see, I don’t know if he really saw me or if he understood that I was another being. But I saw it, and although it seems simple, it was a very intense moment in which I really feel that we both looked at each other with the same curiosity for each other.

Another moment of this kind that I treasure in my heart and soul it’s a moment in Denmark when after walking through a forest that started from the patio of the house where we lived while we were helping to build a treehouse for the children of a family that allowed us to work in exchange of accommodation and food. We went to a field planted entirely with wheat. The dance of the plantations because of the wind was a moment of visual pleasure that remains in the memory.

A while ago I wrote a letter to my grandmother, where among many things, I thanked her for a sandwich she made for me when I was a child. I was no older than 7 years old, and I remember arriving very hungry at a city in Chile. She made me a bread with cheese and ham, which although almost 25 years have passed, I still remember it as the most delicious sandwich I have ever eaten in my life.

My sister always remembers some chopsticks that a Korean friend gave her when she studied in Chicago, since she later moved to San Francisco, and for different reasons she did not have the cutlery to eat. A very cheap gift, but that became something very significant, of great value since it made her remember him at every meal.

My dad has always marveled that if you give a child a gift in a box, the kid will always play and pay more attention to the box than to the gift itself.

When I asked him about a simple moment that he remember in his life, he told me of a very cold day when he arrived at our house and he saw that a person carrying a trolley full of cardboards was sleeping in the park in front of our house. He remembers how he made him a tea with a sandwich and went to leave it to him. Although he received what my father gave him, he did not thank my father or say absolutely nothing to him, but my father felt that despite the little, he was able to help him with a little heat, energy to continue his journey, and that, for my father was very gratifying. The interesting thing about this situation is that I remember that moment, and it obviously had a positive influence on who I am today. A simple act, which probably did not mean much to that person, but which is still alive for us 25 years later. This calls precisely to do things that help others, simple things, since they also help us, in our happiness.

When I lived in Australia, at first everything seemed very expensive to me and my girlfriend. So we followed a saving logic in which we basically shared everything we could. It was difficult at first, so there were few spaces we had to do things that you do when you have more money. One of those luxuries that we had, was going to have an ice cream. One for the two of us, and for very specific moments, like when we got a job, or because we just felt we deserved it. Over time, things started to go better, and the day came when we bought two. It was a very intense moment, in which we not only enjoyed the flavor we wanted, but also the achievement that it meant. The moment we were living.

My mother told me excited how free she felt on her trip to Europe, when she got lost walking the streets of Spain. A feeling that all of us who have been far away have felt, in which the simple fact of becoming aware of how far we are, of how different our surroundings is, of how big the world is. It makes us feel alive, in a very intense moment, a unique moment of freedom.

We invite you to leave in the comments a moment that you consider simple but full of magic and intensity.

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