viajar solo

Traveling Alone

For those travelers who travel alone, expect to meet people along the way.

It is a fact that much of our trip is made by the people who come across, so here we make a list with the best destinations to travel and be filled with experiences even if you are traveling with nobody else, where you could even meet friends for life.

In general terms, one can make friends everywhere, but it’s important to find hostels where there are travelers constantly or to do activities that involve you with other travelers, such as tours for example.

There are some tools today that although they can help us find a partner in our home, can also be used to meet people while traveling. Among them we can mention happn, tinder or grindr (focused on homosexuals).

Still, there are certain places that have this world of lonely travelers more developed, making it easier to build relationships with other travelers.

Southeast Asia

Due to the low prices and the great possibilities to enjoy a great trip, this is a destination to which millions of backpackers go year after year. Go traveling alone or accompanied, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Pick up a place, choose a good hostel, and enjoy the trip. We assure you many friends at each stop of your trip!


It is a tourist destination by excellence, and although it’s more expensive, it is full of travelers who year after year will discover the wonders of the old continent. If you are one of the lonely travelers looking for a company, this continent can give you what you need for it. Even if you travel with no intention of making friends, you will definitely enjoy it.

It is easy to travel around because everything is done in an easy way for travelers. it’s also recommended to choose good hostels, and you will surely make tons of friends.


A great continent, with great destinations. And that every year is increasing in popularity, which makes it a perfect destination to discover its wonders and at the same time meeting new people.

If you speak Spanish, it is even better, since you can easily communicate with everyone, and enjoy their destinations in a deeper way.

Once again, look for a good hostel, and be open to make new friends. You will not regret!

For travelers who want to travel lonely not giving importance to meet new people

Traveling alone is a great opportunity to eliminate the fear of being alone. Sometimes it is not so easy, but it generates liberation in the people who have had this experience. If you are one of the travelers who are not looking to make friends on the route and prefer to travel alone, we recommend looking in the spiritual travels section, or simply travel to any of the destinations above, without expectations.

The experiences can be equally enjoyable and enriching, regardless of whether you travel alone or accompanied, the important thing is to know what you want and focus on achieving it.

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