Viajar a Laos

Laos Tourism

One of the least developed countries in Southeast Asia, but with one of the best landscapes in this whole territory.

A place of simple and smiley people, which will make you live unique experiences, at a much lower rate than you are probably used to. A special destination to learn to do nothing, and to disconnect completely from everything, watching people living in a slow and completely different way.

4000 islas, Laos.

Capital of Laos: Vientian.

Internet connection in Laos: Acceptable Internet. Available in major cities.

Security in Laos: A safe country, although it is obviously recommended to take the usual precautions.

Drinking-Water in Laos: It is necessary to drink bottled water.

Entry requirements for Laos: Visa on arrival.

Currency: Kip.

Language: Laotian or Lao

Best season to travel: November to May. There is less rain and more pleasant temperatures.

Typical food: Larb or Laap.

Travel among the cities: Despite being one of the least developed countries in Southeast Asia, the transport system between cities is quite good, so it is easy to move to make connections.

Unlike in their neighboring countries, the people of Laos do not feel identified with bargaining, so the price of things is more or less the same everywhere. Which makes it much less tiring.

There are sleeping buses for trips between cities. You can find cheaper bus prices on local buses, but they are much more tiring, and take longer too.

Recommended cities: Vanvieng, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Don Det on 4000 islands, in the Mekong.

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