Traveling to the city of Lanquín, in Guatemala

A small town that has its waterfalls and rivers as the main attraction. An invitation to go further, to discover the other faces of nature and perhaps even dare with a river water sport.

Best Time to travel to Lanquín and Semuc Champey. The climate in this area is quite pleasant all year round. It has an average maximum temperature of 31°C in May, and the coldest average days are in January, with an average of 27°C. From November to April, it is the best time to travel because there is less chance of rain.

How many Days to visit the city of Lanquín and Semuc Champey. A full day should be enough to do the basics in this area.

The airport in the city of Lanquin and Semuc Champey. There is no airport in the area, so you will have to get to Guatemala City, and from there take a bus or rent a car to travel to this city.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Lanquín?

  • Semuc Champey Waterfalls. Undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural places in all of Central America. Waterfalls that have formed a remarkable landscape, with terraces of crystalline water that become beautiful natural pools that call their visitors to enjoy in the waters. Its name, from the Mayan, means “Where the river hides under the stone.”
  • Lanquin Caves. Another attraction of the city is visiting one of its caves. Being inside the darkness without seeing clearly arouses very intense sensations. Inside you can see beautiful rock formations like stalagmites and some bats. Wear the appropriate footwear as it can become slippery due to the humidity. In general, the problem you have is arranging the transport, since many times they charge excessively, so you are invited to quote if it is cheaper on tour or on your own.
  • Las Marías Caves. Other caves, close to Semuc Champey that have the particularity that much of the walk is done through the water.
  • Chocolate and Cocoa Tour. If you are interested in learning more about the process required to make chocolate, at the Utopia farm, you can know a lot about this lovely product.
  • Do River sports. If you like or would like to try doing river sports like kayaking or rafting, this place is perfect for doing this type of sport.

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