Lago Atitlan Lake

Travel to San Pedro la laguna in Guatemala

A place of calm and rest without a doubt. Atitlan Lake is the perfect destination to enjoy doing nothing and to relax in one of the hot tubs available. One of the highlights is the night like which is perfect to have a drink or simply to enjoy the wonderful view of the Lake Atitlan.

San Pedro la Laguna is only one of the cities available here, but it’s one of the most touristic, so it’s easier to get accommodation and to move around.

Sitting on the lakeshore opened a door inside me. Watching families bathing and doing laundry in the same lake made me feel lucky to have had everything I had, but it also made me realize how much I don’t have, and that they do.

Best Time to travel to San Pedro la laguna. Both in San Pedro la Laguna and throughout the Lake Atitlán region, there is good weather all year round, so traveling is always recommended. From June to October the rainy season occurs with greater intensity.

How many days to visit San Pedro la laguna. The Lake Atitlán area is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a few days of tranquility. Probably with two days you can perceive the atmosphere of the place, and enjoy the nightlife and the calm of the place.

Airport in the city of San Pedro la laguna. There is no airport in the area, so you will have to get to Guatemala City, and from there take a bus or rent a car to travel to Lake Atitlan.

What to do and where to go and visit in San Pedro la laguna?

  • Take a boat around Lake Atitlán. Depending on your budget, you can take a tour or boat trip by the same lake, visiting some of the small towns that surround the side. Without a doubt, It’s a unique experience to perceive and understand the life of this area, and from the lake itself.
  • Have a coffee or eat something nice at the lakeside restaurants. While they are a bit more expensive than other options, the fact that all the tourists are having a beer or eating something here makes it an interesting experience. Some restaurants simply have an exceptional view, while others have places enabled to jump from a height into the lake. Either way, an experience to relax, meet people, enjoy, and be happy.
  • Climb the San Pedro Volcano. Although the locals know the roads and climb it on their own, it is necessary that you go with someone to guide you along the way so you don’t get lost. From the above, if the weather is with you, you will have incredible views. An invitation to enjoy the journey and taste the goal with a special pleasure.
  • Walkthrough the village. Obviously, to know the destination you are in, you must go through it. A small town, but full of local and energetic life. Among the things that stand out are the market, which although it is small is worth knowing, the church of San Pedro, and of course each shore where you find the wonderful Lake Atitlán with your eyes.
  • Enjoy the nightlife. Depending on the season you go, the frequency of the parties. But, there are always some out there to enjoy a good drink and the right atmosphere.
  • Take a hot tub bath. It is definitely one of those things you must do when going to this place. Relax in a hot water tube, while you have a privileged view of the beautiful Lake Atitlán and its surroundings.
Lago Atitlan Lake

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