La Serena

Traveling to the city of La Serena and Coquimbo, in Chile

Two amazing cities with two calming options. La Serena, the perfect place to relax and to move slow, and Coquimbo, with nice beaches and a special nightlife in the traditional English neighborhood. The perfect place to make a base and to travel around or just to walk on the beach, and enjoying the air and sound of the sea.

Best Time to travel to Coquimbo and La Serena. The weather is nice but a little cold, usually cloudy in the morning, and with some clear days in the afternoon. The average in Summer (December to March) is 24°C, and the average in winter 17°C (May to August).

Days to visit the Cities of Coquimbo and La Serena. This region is a very wide area that contains many small cities or sectors that are worth visiting. Properly such in the communes of La Serena and Coquimbo, one or two days should be enough, but if you plan to visit the Elqui Valley, Totoralillo, Tongoy or Punta de Choros, you will need a day for each place at least.

The airport in the Cities of Coquimbo and La Serena. There is an airport on the outskirts of La Serena, and the only relatively cheap way to get to La Serena or Coquimbo is through a Transfer. To move to the Elqui valley or to coquimbo, you must get to the bus terminal and take another bus or taxi from there.

What to do or what to visit in the city of Coquimbo and La Serena?

  • The lighthouse of La Serena. One of the icons of the region, which obviously must be visited.
La Serena
  • The Recova. Another typical place in La Serena, a building transformed into a market. Here you can buy handicrafts and other typical products of the area. On the second floor, you can find restaurants with typical food as well.
  • Japanese Park. A park where you can enjoy a Japanese landscape in the middle of La Serena. A symbol of the brotherhood agreement signed between La Serena and Tenri city in Japan.
  • Avenida del Mar (Sea Avenue). A pedestrian promenade facing the sea that connects La Serena and its neighboring Coquimbo. A perfect place not only to walk but also to do sports and enjoy the wind, the sea, and the sand.
  • Mamalluca Observatory. A tourist-oriented observatory, it is possible to see shooting stars with ease, and to look at the moon or Saturn from a different perspective, accompanied by the knowledge provided by the guide.
  • Bird watching in wetlands. In this area, there are perfect places for local bird watching. Among the main ones, you can visit the Elqui river wetland and the Punta Teatinos wetland.
  • English neighborhood of Coquimbo. One of the most touristy gastronomic neighborhoods in the area. The nightlife of this place is one of the best in the country.
  • Third-millennium cross. A giant cross, 83 meters high, to which you can climb and see the city of Coquimbo from above. You have to pay to go up.
  • Fray Jorge Forest National Park. One of the most important national parks in the country, home to one of the most exclusive ecosystems in Chile. It has the peculiarity of being a lush forest next to one of the driest deserts in the world, the Atacama Desert.
  • Enjoy the beaches. The fourth region has a large number of beaches to enjoy quietly or doing sports. Among those that stand out are the horseshoe, peñuelas, Totoralillo, “La Herradura” in Coquimbo, and the large beach of La Serena.
  • Guanaqueros and Tongoy. Two small towns of the IV region, which attract because they still keep the local life simple, relaxed, and beautiful.
  • Elqui Valley and Vicuña. The place where Gabriela Mistral was born. Today is famous because it is where the famous Chilean Pisco is produced.
  • Damas Island. The best-hidden treasure of the IV region. Here it is possible to see Sea lions, penguins and even dolphins.

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