Pisa Italy

Travel to the city of Pisa in Italy

A tiny city, famous by its leaning tower. A necessary stop to understand more about Italy, its culture, and its processes.

An invitation to walk its streets, enter its bars and restaurants, and if possible to interact and to learn from its people.

Best Time to Travel to Pisa. If you don’t like the cold, April to September is when you can find the best weather. The months of June and July suffer a large influx of public, so if you want to avoid a lot of people, avoid high seasons.

How many Days to visit the city of Pisa. Probably with one day you will feel that it is enough to visit this city. Obviously there are interesting aspects that can get your attention that requires more time.

The airport in the city of Pisa. The airport is less than 4 km away from the Pisa tower, and less than 2 km from the city center. In order to get to the city center, there is an automatic train known as ‘People Mover’ and for less than 3 euros it takes you to the center in less than 10 minutes. There is also a bus option, it is convenient to buy the ticket on the machine as it’s cheaper than buying it on the same bus. The taxi charges about 12 euros.

What to do or visit in the city of Pisa?

  • Taking a picture of yourself holding the Tower of Pisa. A classic in this place. After admiring the leaning tower, which just a few know, is still tilted. Some time ago they had to intervene to decrease the incline speed a little more.
  • The Pisa Cathedral or The Cathedral of Santa María Asunta. With a marble facade, next to the leaning tower, it stands out for its impressive romantic architecture.
  • Pisa Baptistry. It is located in front of the Cathedral.
  • Ponte di Mezzo or the middle bridge and a ride along the Arno River. The bridge is the oldest in the city and is so named because it is located in the middle of the city. Taking a boat ride on the river gives a different perspective of the city.
  • Piazza dei Cavalieri. The most important square in the city. Currently an important cultural center.

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