Iquique Chile

Traveling to the city of Iquique, in Chile

One of the most interesting historic cities in Chile, where every May 21 a battle that was fought in that city against Peru is remembered, in which although Chile lost, its men acted with such courage, that it must be remembered.

Iquique Chile

Today, It’s a developed beautiful city, open to receive anyone who wants to enjoy its waves, shop without taxes, or simply walk along its wonderful coast.

Best Time to travel to Iquique. The weather in Iquique is pleasant all year round, but from September to March the weather is warmer and there is less chance of rain. In the months of January and February is where the high season occurs, so there will be more people, and prices will be higher.

How many Days to visit the city of Iquique. Three days should be enough to get to know the main points of the city, but if you stay longer, there will always be something to do.

The airport in the city of Iquique. The Airport is about 40 km away from the city. The cheapest option is a shared transfer for $5000 (7usd). A taxi costs $15,000 (20 usd).

What to do or what to visit in the city of Iquique?

  • Iquique’s coastal edge. A 4 km walk through various beaches, restaurants and exclusive sectors that are worth knowing. The Cavancha Beach area is the most visited due to its pleasant waves and fine sand.
  • Emerald Museum. The naval combat of Iquique, despite being a battle that Chile lost, is celebrated every May 21 due to the heroism of the men of Chile. The Emerald Museum is an exact replica of the ship in which Arturo Prat died heroically in battle.
  • Baquedano Street. A picturesque walk through heritage buildings, where it is possible to identify foreign influences. Here you can buy handicrafts or eat in one of the restaurants in the sector. It is recommended to visit this place at night, because the lights make this place something unique.
  • Clock tower. Located in Arturo Prat square, one of the buildings remains from the great salpeter period.
  • Humberstone Saltpeter Office. Chile had a very nice economic period thanks to Saltpeter that lasted until the great crisis of ’29. In this place, you can see how life worked inside the saltpeter works, where people lived. They had their own currency, and their own stores to stock up the so-called “Pulperías”(grocery store). A unique place, to feel how life was in this area 100 years ago.
  • Mall Zofri. It is a duty free mall where you can buy absolutely everything. From chocolates to electronic products. Beware of imitations, as they are common.
  • Iquique Regional Museum. Everything to know about the ethnic groups that inhabited this area and much more.

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